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Firmware N5R-20 and N5R-30
 The Issues and the Simple Cures
Aug 18, 2014

Radios affected:
UV5R series radios with N5R-20 and N5R-30 firmware in (Aug-Sept 2014)
This includes UV5R, RA, GT-3, BFF8, F8HP, etc. (Not UV82 series).
N5R-20 firmware is found in Dual Power 5W radios, while N5R-30 is found in Tri-Power 8W radios.

Impact: Low 
The issue is not critical. It's mainly a matter of knowing that it's there.
It has since been resolved in newer firmware releases. N5R-21x and N5R31x
Issue #1
Receiver Audio is Muted


What occurs:

   Receiver audio can only be heard if MONI button is pressed.

   When MENU 8  (Keypad Beep) is set to  OFF, receiver audio is muted.
   Setting  MENU 8  back to  ON  returns the audio to normal.
   Simple Work Around: Always leave MENU 8 set to ON.
Issue #2
Receiver Audio is Muted
after software update

What occurs:

   After updating with CHIRP, radio stops working.

Due to UV5R series firmware changes, CHIRP images from earlier UV-5R radios are not be compatible with the newer UV-5R with N5R firmware.
Uploading an image file from an older radio to the new radio will cause the newer radio to stop working properly.

This is not fatal and your radio is not 'bricked'. It simply needs to be restored to its original factory image.

CHIRP Builds 07172014 and newer will prevent this from occurring.
To restore your radio back to normal operation, you will simply need to run the Recovery Procedure found at Miklor.com

After the recovery is performed, using CHIRP's Latest Daily Build will prevent accidental cross programming. CHIRP will now handle these as two separate radios. Each will require its own separate image/data file.
Note 1: This recovery cannot be done with a Menu 40 Reset.
Note 2: This procedure will restore your radios to full normal operation, however Menu 8 will still need to be set to ON, as described above.

New Feature Added
Battery Voltage Display
On a plus note, a new feature has been added. The current Battery Voltage will appear on the LCD by Pressing and Holding the ZERO key. The radio is no longer limited to the tiny icon in the upper right corner of the display.

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