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Keypad Layout and Functions
UV5R Layout
  1.    antenna
  2.    LED flashlight
  3.    ON/OFF/VOLUME knob
  4.    LCD
  5.    side key 1 / CALL   (radio/alarm)
  6.    side key 2 / MONI   (flashlight/monitor)
  7.    PTT  key   (push-to-talk)
  8.    VFO/MR  (frequency mode/channel mode)
  9.    LED   (transmit/receive indicator)
10.    microphone
11.    keypad
12.    A/B  Key   (frequency display switch)
13.    Band Key  (switches band)

PTT   Press and hold to transmit; release to receive.

CALL   Side Key 1
    Press CALL button to activate the FM radio; press again to deactivate.
    Press the
*SCAN button to scan the FM channels.
    Press and Hold CALL button to activate the alarm function;
    Press CALL or PTT to deactivate.
    Note: Set MENU 32 to SITE or OFF to prevent over the air TX.

MONI   Side Key 2
    Press the MONI b
utton to turn flashlight ON/OFF or
         ON/FLASH/OFF depending on model.
    Press and Hold the MONI button to monitor a signal/open squelch.
VFO/MR   Button
    Press to switch between VFO (Freq Mode) and MR (Channel Mode)

A/B   Button
    Press A/B to change the frequency display.
    A display: uppermost FREQUENCY / CHANNEL / NAME display
    B display: lowermost  FREQUENCY / CHANNEL / NAME display
BAND  Button  (not available on all models)
    Press BAND  to switch band display in frequency mode.
    While FM radio is activated, press the BAND  button to switch
        the band of the FM radio (65-75MHz / 76-108MHz).
    Note: The A/B  button will also switch the FM band.

*SCAN   Key
*SCAN  to activate Reverse, swap TX/RX frequencies.
*SCAN  key for 2 seconds to start scanning (freq/chan).
    While FM radio is activated, press
*SCAN  to search FM radio stations.
    While setting the RX CTCSS/DCS, press the
*SCAN  key to scan the RX CTCSS/DCS

BATTERY LEVEL   (available on newer radios)
    Press Zero (0) key for 2 seconds
   1000Hz = PTT+CALL
   1450Hz = PTT+VFO/MR
   1750Hz = PTT+A/B
   2100Hz = PTT+BAND

#   Key
    Under channel mode, press the  #
  key to switch high/low power.
    Press the  #
  key for 2 seconds to lock/unlock the keypad.
000 > 127   (Channel mode)
- Skips directly to the desired channel


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