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Baofeng / Pofung
How to Determine the
Radios Firmware Version
Display Firmware
1)  Power the radio OFF.
2)  Press and Hold the 3 key.
3)  Power the radio ON.

If the display shows BFB229 thru BFB296, that is the firmware revision number and you need go no further.
Other than above

Baofeng has been updating the firmware and Not displaying the actual firmware number as described above.

To find the actual firmware release, you need to run the latest CHIRP Daily Build.
Select the Settings / Other Settings tab, Firmware message 1 & 2 will show the actual firmware release. (It is the higher of the two)

For a complete CHIRP guide, go to CHIRP software

1)  Attach radio via USB cable.
2)  Select Radio and Download From Radio from the top toolbar.

3)  Select the  Settings  tab on the left
4)  Select   Other Settings
Displayed in the gray Firmware Message 1 and 2 is the actual firmware release of your radio.

The highest BF--- is the firmware version of your radio.

The area is gray to indicate that it is for display only and cannot be altered.

Firmware Release Upgrades
A list of firmware upgrades can be found at   Upgrades

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