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Baofeng UV-5R 
UV5R, GT3, BFF8, F8HP, etc

'Opening Up' the Frequency Range

There were 2 versions of the UV-5R.
   The UV-5R     series covers 136-174 / 400-520 MHz
   The UV-5RAX series covers 136-174 / 220-260 MHz

For reference:
     The 136-174 MHz range = 150
     The 220-260 MHz range = 220
     The 400-520 MHz range = 450

Note 1: CAUTION...
 UV-5RAX    and  UV-5RCX   cover 150/220 MHz
    The  UV-5RAX
+  and  UV-5RCX+ cover 150/450 MHz

Note 2: The UV5RAX (220MHz) was discontinued in 2014
Software Support   (OEM and CHIRP)
Software does not determine the radios operating capability.

The two models have distinctly different internal filters and components that determine their operating frequencies.  A 150/450 MHz radio cannot be converted to 150/220 MHz using software, and vice versa.
'Opening Up' the  radio with a Software Hack
There is software available that will allow you to enter any frequency you desire from 001 to 999 MHz. The operative word being  'enter'.

Will it show in the display?       Absolutely
Will it actually work on these frequencies?  No
Signals Received in the 900 MHz Range 
These signals are not actually on the frequency displayed on the LCD.
They are images of signals that are much lower in frequency.

What you hear on the displayed frequency of 905.0 MHz may actually be a signal on 452.5 MHz. (452.5 x 2).  A signal heard on 948.0 MHz may actually be 158 MHz x 6.

Can these signals be heard?   Yes
Are they actually transmitting on that displayed frequency?   No
Tested Frequency Range
Bench Test Results 

Bench testing has shown the actual transmit range of an expanded 150/450 MHz UV-5R to be:

   VHF range 136-174 MHz  expands to  128-176 MHz
   UHF range 400-520 MHz  expands to  384-524 MHz

Outside of the above range, the radio would either not transmit or was unstable.
Receiver coverage drops off sharply to zero outside the factory specified range.
My Radio is Locked Up.
It will no longer transmit.
Go to the RECOVERY section of Miklor.  
This procedure goes beyond a Menu 40 Reset by reinstalling the all internal software back to Day 1 from the factory.

UV-5R Dual Band
The UV-5R series is not capable of any reliable operation outside their specified Dual Band frequency range. 

True Tri-Band radios use a totally different method of band pass filtering.
You just can't get Ferrari features out of a Kia.

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