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Baofeng UV-5R Series
UV5R / BFF8 / GT3

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     New Owner User's Guide 
Please Read this First
    User FAQs and References  
          Things to know that aren't in the Manual
    Keypad Layout & Functions
    Users Manual  (Greatly Enhanced) 
Manual Programming

*   Programming Examples

*   Programming Flowchart  

    Menu Definitions - Detailed

    Menu Definitions - Quick Reference
    Programming - On The Fly
    Buddy's Hints for Eyes Free Operation
    Scanning for CTCSS & DCS Tones
    Manual Programming Hints 
Software and USB Drivers
*   Factory & VIP Software    
For ALL Firmware
*   CHIRP Software, FAQ & LIVE CD 


*   Drivers and USB Cables w/ Graphics
    Errors and Error Messages 
    Recovery from
Erratic Behavior 

Technical Section
    Altering the Squelch Range - NEW
    Expanded Frequency Coverage

    Hardware, Cables, Antennas, Pin Outs
    Cable Loss / Attenuation Chart 
    Circuit Diagram   
    What is CTCSS/DCS
    Spare Parts

General Information
    Frequency Lists and Repeater Guides

    How a Repeater Works     video 
    Support Sites 

    Performance Tests  TX, RX, Antenna


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