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VV-898S (PS)
25W Dual Band
New Version Update

VV-898S Review
by: John  'Miklor'
August 2016

Leixen has just added several new
functions to the VV-898S
These additions are listed below.
VV-898S 25W Mobile Transceiver Updates
This model requires VV-898 software v1.07
1. VFO-A
Before upgrade, channel A would only support MR/CH memory channels, and not the VFO mode.
After upgrade, both A and B channels support the VFO mode.
2. Dual Channel Banks
Before upgrade, there was only one channel bank, with three VFO channels + 199MR memory channels.
After upgrade, channel A and B have one bank each - with three VFO channels + 99MR memory channels each. VFO-A stores to channel bank A, and VFO-B stores to bank B.
3. Menu
After upgrade, the radio added function to menu 32. All following menu numbers labeled 32 to 50 are now numbered 33 to 51.
4. Dual PTT function
The updated radio now supports a dual PTT function (Requires a new dual PTT microphone). Menu 32 can be set to “A = B” (pressing either PTTA or PTTB will transmit on the current channel) or “A! = B” (A≠B, pressing PTTA will transmit on channel A, pressing PTTB will transmit channel B).
If you use a single PTT microphone, must be set to “A = B”, otherwise pressing PTT will always transmit channel A instead of the current channel.
5. DTMF Microphone
After upgrade, the “Band” key of microphone has been replaced by “Menu”. The user can access the menu function by microphone as well as the Menu key on the front panel of the radio.
Before update, the band could be switched by pressing the “band” key directly in VFO; after upgrade, press "1 + Menu" to access the 136-174MHz band, press "2 + Menu" to access the 200-260MHz band, press "3 + Menu" to access the 400-520MHz band. Menu key on microphone can not be used to lock screen or reset functions.
6. Alias Setting method
a. Using the front panel of the radio: Enter menu 22, press P2 to access modification, press P3 to confirm modify, press P3 to backspace, press M to exit without modification.
b. Using the microphone: Press “Menu+2+2” to enter menu 22, press ”Call (A)” key to confirm modify, press “V/M (B)” to access modification, press “A/B (C)” to backspace, press “Menu (D)” key to exit without modification.
7. RPT settings
Before upgrade, user would access RPT direction after frequency offset amount was set.
After upgrade, the value is effected directly.


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