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Wouxun  KG-UV8D
Specifications and Features

Description of Features
 1.  Duplex Repeater (VHF to UHF or UHF to VHF)
 2.  Duplex Work Mode &TX on on area while RX on the other simultaneously)
 3.  Dual Receiving(RX on the same or different bands of A&B simultaneously)
 4.  Large Colorful Screen
 5.  Frequency Range (suitable for different countries or areas)
         136-174/400-470 MHz (RX/TX)   144-146/430-440 MHz (RX/TX)
         136-174/400-480 MHz (RX/TX)   (RX) FM: 76 MHz-108 MHz (Space:100K)
         136-174/420-520 MHz (RX/TX)
 6.  Dual Display
         Dual Band Display on Large Screen, Two independent Operation System
 7.  Frequency Offset and Direction Programmable in Repeater Mode
         UHF/VHF or VHF/UHF  Cross Band Repeater
 8.  999 Memory Channels
 9.  Strong and Stable Output Power  (VHF: 5W / UHF: 4W)
10.  QT/DQT Encoding/Decoding,  QT/DQT Scan
11.  VOX
12.  Multi Definition for Sidekeys
13.  Incoming Message Display
         Caller ID display
14.  DTMF Encoding and Decoding
15.  All Calls, Group Calls, and Selective Calls
16.  SOS Function
17.  Priority Scan Function
18.  Remote Alarm
19.  Wide/Narrow Bandwidth Selection
20.  Voice Guide:  Chinese / English
21.  Chinese / English Screen Display
22.  Bright Flashlight Illumination
23.  Single Tone Pulse frequency:
         2100Hz / 1750 Hz / 1000 Hz / 1450 Hz
24.  Reverse Frequency
25.  Stopwatch    

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