Baofeng UV-82 / 82C / 82X
Programming Software
(for Windows)

This software has been made available as a courtesy to our readers.
To the best of our knowledge, this software is correct.
We will not be responsible for damages caused by improper loading
or use of radio outside its factory specified limits.
UV-82 and UV82X handhelds
This factory software is for both
150/450 MHz and 150/220 MHz
(newest software below, 2 formats)
1a) Baofeng CPS VIP v13.04.13 with Installer (English)  .exe UV82_CPS_VIP_v130413.exe
1b) Baofeng CPS VIP v13.04.13 with Installer (English)   .rar UV82_CPS_VIP_v130413.rar
UV-82C handheld This factory software is for the
VHF/UHF Commercial version
2a) Baofeng UV82C with installer (English)  .rar UV82_US2S25_CPS.rar

The USB cable must be plugged in when running software.
If not, the opening screen may continuously flash on your computer screen searching for the proper COM port (1-16).  It will eventually time out.
The software above is compatible with both the UV-82 and UV-82X. Before you start, you need to let the software know which model you are programming.  This is done by creating an initial template by selecting Program / Read from Radio. 

This image should also be saved should a Recovery ever be needed in the future.
The Optional Features Screen can be accessed through the EDIT dropdown menu.  The new features for the UV-82C can be found in the lower right corner of this screen.
     VFO/MR and Single PTT enable

Note: The layout of the UV-82 factory software is compatible with the UV-5R. Field descriptions can be accessed at:    Optional_Features   (PDF)
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