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Baofeng / Pofung
UV-82 / 82X / 82C / 82HP
aka  82L, 89, GT-5
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Baofeng UV82 UV82X UV82 UV82X Baofeng UV82 UV82X UV82 UV82X
Baofeng UV82 UV82X UV82 UV82X Baofeng UV82 UV82X UV82 UV82X
     New Owner User's Guide 
Please Read this First
UV-82 Series
    User FAQs and References  
          Things to know that aren't in the Manual
    Keypad Layout & Functions
    Users Manual   
Manual Keypad Programming

*   Programming

*   Programming Flowchart  

    Menu Definitions - Detailed
    Menu Definitions - Quick Reference
    Programming - On The Fly
    Scanning for CTCSS & DCS Tones
    Manual Programming Hints 
Software and USB Drivers 
  Factory OEM Software - UV-82 - All Models
*   CHIRP Software, FAQ & LIVE CD

*   Drivers and USB Cables w/ Graphics
    Errors and Error Messages 


Technical Section
    Altering the Squelch Range - NEW
    Expanded Frequency Coverage

    What is CTCSS/DCS
    Cables, Antennas, Pin Outs

    Cable Loss / Attenuation Chart

General Information
    Frequency Lists and Repeater Guides

    How a Repeater Works

    Support Sites

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