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Q:  I can't key or hear my local repeater.
A:   Review the Tone Access section of this page.

Q:  I can't hear my signal through the repeater, but I hear the repeater tail.
A:  The key here is that you can hear the repeater squelch tail.
      You are too close to your receiver and over powering (de-sensing) it.
      When this happens, you are blocking everything from your monitor.
          1) Listen to your signal on simplex to verify your audio.
          2) Call someone on the repeater to verify your signal quality.
               If they can hear you, then all is fine.

Q:  Can this radio listen to Aircraft frequencies?
A:   No.   They are out of the radio's frequency range.
        Also, the Aircraft Band is AM while this radio is FM only.
Q.  Can this radio listen to NOAA / NWS frequencies?
A.   Yes.  However, it cannot be put in a standby mode and triggered by
       their 1050Hz alert tone.

Q.  Why is my audio 'chopping' when listening to a station?
A.   If this occurs, STE (Menu 12) should be set to OFF.

Q.  Why is my volume so loud?  Is there a fix for this?
A.   The good news is that there is a fix for this.
       Follow this link to Audio Mod.    

Q.  What range can I expect from these radios?
A.  There are many factors to consider.  Power, antenna, antenna height,
     HASL (height above sea level), terrain, obstruction, trees, horizon, etc.
     A good starting point for simplex operation would be Distance_Calculator   
     Your Mileage may Vary.


Q:  I cannot always connect to my radio when programming via software.
A:   You must have your receiver on a quiet channel before you start.
      If the green light on the radio it lit, the programming will fail.

Q:  How can I store a 7th digit of a frequency?    xxx.xxx5
A:   Change Step to 6.5 or 12.5 kHz, depending on the channel spacing.
      Tune to the desired frequency.
      A tiny 5 will appear to the right of the frequency display.
      Example: 462.7125 would display as:     4 6 2. 7 1 2 

Q.  Can I store different frequencies in A and B?
A.   No.    There is only a single bank of 99 channels.

Q:  What is the purpose of A and B if they are both the same?
A:   Dual Watch. You can set each to a different preprogrammed channel.
      With DW turned on, your radio will sample between the
          two frequencies and stop on whichever one has activity.

Q.  Can displays show alpha tags?
A.   No.  Alpha tags is not an option.

Q:  Can I disable the transmitter for Receive Only frequencies?
A:   Yes. This can be done using the transmit inhibit function of your software.

Q.  Can I store FM Radio 65-108MHz channels into memory?
A.   Yes.  Up to 15 channels can be stored using software.
       You cannot make this radio transmit on this band.

Q:  How can I restore radio to factory default?
A:   Press and Hold the [F/ALERT] key + [ON/OFF] key.
Q:  Why can't I key or hear my local repeater, fire dept, etc. ?
A:   Some Repeaters and Services require a CTCSS (PL) tone for access but DO NOT transmit one back.  If your display indicates there is an incoming signal but you hear no audio, you may have an incorrect or unnecessary RX tone set.

When in doubt, leave the RX tone OFF

Q:  What are these CTCSS (PL) and DCS tones I keep hearing about?  
A:   A CTCSS is an 'Tone' sent along with your voice when transmitting.
      They are used to access a specific repeater and block interference.
          Visit CTCSS  for details.

Q:  How do I transmit a 1750 Hz tone for repeater access?
A:   Press the [F/ALERT] key + [PTT] button and then press the [MONI] button to transmit a 1750 Hz tone.

Q:  Can I transmit DTMF tones?
A:   No. There is no keypad.

Q:  Are accessories such as cables and antennas interchangeable?
A:  UV-3R+ accessories are interchangeable with Baofeng UV-5R, Kenwood and Wouxun. This includes cables, antennas (SMA-F), spkr/micr.
Note: UV-3R accessories are not.
Q:  What differences are there in the UV-3R and UV-3R+?
A:  The accessory and antenna jacks are NOT compatible.
Q:  Is a radio case a good purchase?
A:  Refer to Radio Shut Down below.  See FAQ 111
Q: Is there an alternative to the Factory software?
A:  Most users prefer CHIRP.  It's easy to navigate and new features are
     added on a regular basis.
          This can be found on the CHIRP Software & Examples pages.

Q:  Must I load an older cable driver for Vista, Windows 7 & 8 ?
A:  Many bargain cables came through with Prolific chip clones/copies.
          Windows loads the latest driver which rejects these cloned chips.
          This is covered in detail in the  USB Cable Drivers  page.
          These cables work fine if the proper driver is loaded.

Q:  How can I be sure I order a USB cable with an authentic chip?
A:   Programming cables utilizing an FTDI chip will work with no problems.
      Call your local dealer before ordering to confirm chip set.
Q:  Which antenna is best?
A:   It's all personal preference, but a good rule of thumb is:
      The longer the radiator, the better the range, especially on transmit.
      Short stubby antennas use a coil to match TX to 50 ohm, not radiate.
      The closer to 1/4 wavelength in the air, the better the performance.

      A field test was performed between 31 popular antennas.
     The results can be found HERE.

Q:  Are the UV-3R and UV-3R+ antennas the same?
A:   No.
   The UV-3R requires an antenna with an SMA-Male connector.
   The UV-3R+ requires an antenna with an SMA-Female connector.
   The UV-3R+ and the UV-5R antennas are interchangeable.  SMA_Female

Q:  Can I use an antenna with an SMA RP connector?
A:   No. The RP stands for Reverse Polarity. The outer shell looks the same
but the Male/Female pin sequence is reversed.   SMA_Female

Q:  My antenna doesn't screw in all the way.
A:   This is not uncommon on some aftermarket antennas. Purchase a thin 5/8" OD rubber O-Ring.  Take your HT with you to the hardware store to assure the proper fit.  Extended_Threads

Q:  Can I build my own antenna?
A:   Absolutely.  If you want to start small, try a simple ground plane.
      Here are the instructions for a GP antenna with a radial length calculator.
      The calculator covers all frequencies from DC to Light.  CALCULATOR
      A great project.
Q:  Display goes dark if I talk too long on Hi power.
A:   This is to be expected from a small radio.
          A lot of heat in a small unvented area.
          Give it time to cool down.  The LCD will return to normal.
          The same occurs if you leave the unit in the car on a hot day.
          Run low power whenever possible. This will also extend battery life.


Q:  Why does my display disappear if I wear polarized sunglasses?
A:   LCDs function by polarizing the liquid crystal elements in the display.
       Polarized sunglasses will react to the polarized lens.   
LCD Wiki
Q:  Why did my radio shut down when I took it out of my pocket.
A:  If you carry your radio and keys in the same pocket, a case is recommended. If the charging contacts are shorted, the battery goes into the protection mode. There will be no damage to the radio, but it will power off. To reset the protection mode, the battery must be removed and reinserted.
Note: If you carry a spare battery, place it in a plastic bag for protection.


Q:  Did I get a used radio?  My radio had frequencies pre-programmed.
A:   No.  Your radio is new.  These are channels used for factory testing.
Q:  My radio doesn't speak English?
A:   This needs to be changed via software.
        Options are:   CHI / ENG
Q:  Where can I get a User Manual and Schematic?
A:   Here is a link to the  User's Manual 
      The  Schematic  is not available at this time.
te: Only work on this radio if you have little tiny fingers

Q:  How do I pronounce Baofeng? 
                     (Good to know if you want to impress your friends)

A:  Try this link  Baofeng.  Bow Fung
John  K3NXU

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