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DTMF Function



DTMF Software Setup
There are several DTMF options available with the TD-9800, which includes direct keypad entry and pre-programmed codes. Different setups can be assigned to specified channels. Let's start with the simple setup.
-  Select the Phone System option on the left.
-  Add a DTMF Alias.  In this example, I call it   DTMF 1
-  Set the Side Tone to ON so you can hear the tones being sent.
-  For this test, let's leave the Access and De-Access code set to none.

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Now, let's select the Channel Edit option on the left.
Here is where you select the channels that will use the DTMF tones.
The DTMF option can be set to either DMR or Analog channels.
-  At the bottom of the Channel Edit section, select  DTMF 1 for the desired channels.
-  Save the file and upload to the TD-9800.

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Now, let's move on to the radio.
-  Select the desired channel
Using the Keypad, select
   Manual Dial
   DTMF Dial

Enter the desired number (up to 16 characters)
     (press the Red Bar to backspace)
Press the PTT and the number will be transmitted
Note: Unless the Phone System option is set for that channel in the software, the Phone option will not appear on the handheld's Menu screen.
Phone System - SPEED DIAL
In the Phone System example above, the Access and De-Access Button codes are set to None. If the Button option is set to PTT, the information in the Number field will be sent every time the PTT is pressed on that channel.
My thanks to Ed N6YN for his efforts in determining the instruction sequence, as this information is not currently in the manual.