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Sample Code Plug



Sample contains the following

Tx Rx frequency
This example is set up for using a hot spot set on 434MHz.
If using a repeater, change the frequencies, color codes, and time slots to correspond to the repeater's.  (DMR-MARC Repeaters)

DMR Channels
   Nationwide (3100)
   PA State (3142)
   3 TAC channels (310, 311, 312)

Analog Channels
   CP also includes 2 UHF FM (analog) channels.
   One for the DMR channels
   One for the Analog Channels
Before you start
Using the TD-9800 software, enter the following:
General Settings Tab
     Common Settings / Radio Alias
          You can insert your callsign
DMR Services tab
     Setting / Local Address
          Insert your DMR ID
This should initially get you started.
Here's a link to sample code plugs   Sample CP