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User Manual

Busy Channel Lockout

This function can prevents interference to other radios. This function can be programmed by PC software to either ON or OFF. If this function is enabled, the radio’s transmitter function is disabled and there is beep/tone when PTT is pressed. In this case it will not disturb other communications on this channel. lf this function disabled, it will transmit normally.


You can speak into the radio to activate transmitter without press the PTT button. VOX sensitivity refers to your voice level. PC programming is available to adjust the sensitivity level. There are 0-9 levels. Level 1 (least sensitive), 9 (most sensitive), 0 (OFF).


Determines the signal strength needed to open the squelch. This level is programmed using your PC. Level 9 requires a stronger signal than level 1. Level 0 is open squelch.


This is voice guide during power ON or selecting channels. Options are OFF, Chinese, English.


This function prevents a person from using the channel for an extended period of time. When transmitting continuously for 300 seconds, the radio will stop transmitting and a tone will sound. To reset, release PTT and press PTT again to resume transmitting. Software settings are OFF, 30s, 60s, 90s > 300s.


Some channels may have pre-programmed CTCSS/DCS. This is a sub-tone which allows you to ignore calls from others who are using the same channel. When you receive a signal that has a tone different from the one set up in your radio, you will not hear the signal. Likewise, signals that you transmit can only be heard by those whose CTCSS/DCS matches the tone set in your radio.


It allows you to select wide band (25 kHz) or narrow band (12.5 kHz) by PC software.

Battery Save

The function decreases the power used when a signal is not being received and no operations are being performed (no keys are being pressed, and no switches are being turned). When a channel is not busy and no operation is performed for 10s, battery save turns ON. When a signal is received or an operation is performed, the battery save turns OFF.


Selecting channel 16 activates the scan mode. There are two scan modes, selectable with software Carrier Scan: the radio will scan and stop at an active channel until the signal disappears. Time Scan: the radio will scan and stop at this channel for 5 seconds then continue to scan for next active channel.

Lower Power Alert

When the battery power is low, the radio will sound the low power message or tone. (programmed by PC)


This is voice encryption. If enabled, the radio will transmit the signal + encryption. A matching radio with this function activated will communicate with clear voice. This is a PC software option.

Voice Compander

This function is use to avoid from the interference, you can use it when there is too much Disturbed environment. You can program it on/off by PC software

Flashlight (optional function)

This function is use at night or low light environment. The side key can be programmed to turn flashlight On or Off.

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