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Updating  Firmware

Radtel   RT-27D

DMR  Transceiver
by: John  'Miklor'
Feb 2017


This procedure is to assist with the loading of the latest firmware for your transceiver. Please take all precautions to assure you are loading the proper firmware for your radio. Load new and experimental software at your own risk.

Here is the procedure for updating the Firmware of the Radtel RT-27D DMR transceiver.
The Windows FW Upload software can be found HERE.  
The Firmware file can be found HERE.  (ver. 2.39)  2-28-17
After downloading the proper files for your radio, you will need to unzip them to a work or temp folder. The file you need to execute is the firmware upload .exe file

The following Icon will show on your desktop.

When opening the software, the following will screen appear.
Click on "Open file upgrade", then select the saved .bin file.

Connect your programming cable to your radio.
Power On your radio while pressing the
the PTT button and the red top button at the same time.
The LED on top will begin to flash green/red.
Click on "Download file of upgrade"
and the progress bar will show the upload status.

When the upload is complete,
the following message will appear.

You are now ready to enjoy your Enjoy your new toy...

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