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Dedicated to the programming and operation of the
Porta-Mobile Transceiver
Tri-Power 5, 10, 25W

UHF  400-480 MHz

Leixen "NOTE"  Review
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LEIXEN "NOTE" Specifications

Frequency: UHF 400-480MHz

Output power: 5W / 10W / 25W

16 Channels

4000mAh Li-ion Battery

Built in cooling fan

English / Chinese Voice prompt

PC Programming/Wireless Cloning Function

Alarm Function between the Units


Battery saving function

Antenna length 37cm flexible high-gain antenna

Maximum deviation: Wide/Narrow <+ 5KHz
Clutter Radiation: 60dB
Emission current: 3.5A
Frequency stability: + 2.5PPM
Receiver sensitivity: <0.18
Modulation: F3E
Audio Power: > 400mW
Power supply voltage: 12.6V

Each Set contains:
1 x UHF400-480MHz radio
1 x 4000mAh Li-ion Battery
1 x Belt Clip
1 x Charger base
1 x 15V Adapter
1 x Antenna
1 x User Manual