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TYT  MD-380 / 390

Code Plug Editor
Nov 2016


TYT  MD-380  Review
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MD380/390 Code Plug Editor v0.0.65.0.zip

Miklor Note: I use this software and have had few issues. As with any beta software, use at your own risk. I will not be responsible for any issues resulting from its use. 
NOTE: I did find the software is good for adding channels and sorting existing channels and groups, and cut/paste. However, where you need to pay attention is when you add or delete contacts. I did notice that this could shift the TX Contact in your channel list off by one.
Always make a copy of your code plug before making changes, and verify the new code plug when done.

The following disclaimer appears in the ReadMe.txt file:

1) BEFORE doing ANYTHING else, make sure, that you have a backup copy, of your radios original, and current, code plugs, and keep them safe.

However, this will not protect you, or your radio, against setting or uploading passwords that you haven't bothered to make a note of, or against bugs in this software, or against bugs in your radios firmware, or any other life problems.

2) Most importantly .. DO NOT, rely on this software. This software is purely beta software .. software that is known to be both new and buggy.

If, you're in ANY doubt, then use nothing but the original TYT software that was supplied, or is gettable, by whatever means available to you for your radio that which this software applies too, etc etc etc. Not that you'll be any better off doing so, but no matter.

Note .. This software doesn't yet read and write directly from/to the radio, you currently need to use the suppliers CPS software to do the uploading and downloading of code plugs. 

Nov 2016