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Dedicated to the programming and operation of the

TYT  MD-380 / 390
DMR  Transceiver

UHF  400-480 MHz
VHF  136-174 MHz
Mono Band  1W / 5W

by: John  'Miklor'
April 29, 2016


TYT  MD-380  Review
Miklor Mailing List  

     Amateur Radio Guide to DMR 
     Scanning with the 380 / 390 
     User Manual
     MD-380 UHF Schematic
Software / Firmware
     Factory Programming Software
     MD380/390 Code Plug Editor 
     Firmware Update 
     Sample Code Plug
     MD-380 / 390 Toolz

     Drivers & Programming Cable 
Technical Section
    Changing the Menu Language

    What is CTCSS/DCS