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KT8900 / JT6188

Programming Software




This software has been made available as a courtesy to our readers.
To the best of our knowledge, this software is correct.
We will not be responsible for damage caused by improper loading
or use of radio outside its factory specified limits.

 This software below is for the KT8900 and JT6188
Dual Band transceivers
If you have a BTech UV2501 / UV5001
this software is Not compatible.
Important Note: Program Jack is in the Rear of Radio  (No Ext Spkr Jack)
KT8900 Software
v1.02   04. 26. 2015

KT8900 Software
v1.0x   11. 2. 2015
KT8900 R  Software
12. 19. 2015
KT8900 R.rar
KT8900 RE  Software
12. 19. 2015
KT8900 RE.rar
JT-6188 Software
04. 26. 2015
Additional QYT KT8900 software can be found   HERE

Program Name
The program will load as UV-CPS.
When running the software,
     UV Series Program Software appears on the top line.

Changing the Software to English
If program does not start in English,
     Click on the  ??  found 2nd from the right on the upper toolbar.

This will convert the language to English

Software Notes:
-  Be sure to run the right software for your radio.
-  Always start with a Read from Radio to create an initial template for your radio.

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