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KT8900 / JT6188
Menu Definitions
0 TDR Transmit Dual Receive ON Allows monitoring of 2 channels.
Toggles between Freq A and B.
If signal received, RX stays on Freq.
OFF Receives on selected channel
STEP Frequency Step Size Setup 5.0 to 25. kHz 5, 6.25, 10, 12.5, 15, 25 kHz  
SQL Squelch Level 00 > 09
10 squelch levels
00 = minimum / normally open
3 TXP Transmit Power High Full Power  
Low Reduced Power
SCR Voice Scrambler
Does Not function on version 1 radio's
ON Activate Scrambler Function  
OFF Deactivate Scrambler Function
5 TOT  
Time Out Timer
15 > 600 secs
15 second steps  
6 TOA Transmit Over  Alarm Setting
(TOT Warning)
1 > 10 seconds Amount of time the indicator light flashes prior to time out  
OFF Turn off the flashing indicator
7 WN Bandwidth Wideband 25.0 kHz  
Narrowband 12.5 kHz
8 ABR LCD Backlight Timer 1 > 50 secs Backlight duration = 1 > 50  
OFF Disables 1 > 50 second timer.
Backlight remains ON.
BEEP Keypad Voice Prompt ON / OFF Turn ON / OFF keypad voice prompt  
10 R-DCS Receive - Digital Coded Squelch D023N > D754I Squelch opens when proper DCS code is detected  
OFF No DCS code required
11 R-CTCS Receive - Analog Tone Squelch 67.0 > 254.1 Hz Squelch opens when proper CTCSS tone detected  
OFF No CTCSS tone required
12 T-DCS Transmit - DCS Code D023N > D754I Transmits specified code  
OFF No DCS code transmitted
13 T-CTCS Transmit - CTCSS Code 67.0 > 254.1 Hz Transmits specified tone  
OFF No CTCSS tone transmitted
14 DTMFST Determines when DTMF codes are heard through speaker OFF No DTMF tone heard  
KEY Only manually keyed DTMF codes are heard
ANI Only automatically keyed DTMF codes are heard
BOTH All DTMF codes are heard
15 BCL Busy Channel Lockout ON Prevents transmit if active signal on the channel  
OFF No lockout
16 SC-ADD Add Scan Channel ON Add channel to scan list  
OFF Remove channel from scan list
17 PRI-SC Priority Scan ON Activate Priority Scan  
OFF Deactivate Priority Scan
18 PRI-CH Priority Channel 000 > 199 Channel selected for Priority Scan  
19 SC-REV Scan Resume Method TO -- TO (Time Operation) Scan stops when signal detected. Scan resumes after approx 5 seconds (even if the channel is still active)  
CO (Carrier Operation) Scan stops when signal detected. Scan resumes when signal disappears.
SE (Search Operation) Scan stops when signal detected. Scanning will not resume.
20  OPTSIG Optional Signaling OFF No optional signaling  
DTMF DTMF signaling selected
2TONE 2TONE signaling selected
5TONE 5TONE signaling selected
21 SPMUTE Speaker Mute Settings QT Squelch opens for CTCSS/DCS tones only.  
AND Squelch opens when CTCSS/DCS tone is recognized along with the optional signaling.
OR Squelch opens when either the CTCSS/DCS tone OR the optional signaling is recognized.
22 PTT-ID PTT ID - When to send OFF Do not send  
BOT Send at Beginning of Transmission
EOT Send at the End of Transmission
BOTH Send at both Beginning and End
23 PTT-LT PTT ID - Transmit Delay 0 > 30 Set Delay Time before transmitting PTT-ID  
24 S-INFO Auto Group Dialing Group Signal Code Memory 1 > 15
Can only be set with software
25 EMC-TP Alarm Mode ALARM Turn on Alarm sound  
ANI Send Alarm code and ID code
BOTH Both of the above
26 EMC-CH Alarm Channel 000 > 199 Specified Alarm Channel  
27 RING-T Ring Time OFF, 1 > 10 OFF - No Ring Time  
1 > 10 seconds ring time when signal code received
28 CHNAME Channel Name Edit In Channel Mode, edit the Current Name  
29 CA-MDF A Channel
Display Mode
FREQ In Channel Mode, display the selected format in display A  
30 CB-MDF B Channel
Display Mode
FREQ In Channel Mode, display the selected format in display B  
31 AUTOLK Automatic Lockout OFF Open Keypad Function  
ON Lock the Keypad
32 PONMSG Power On Message FULL Full Screen Display  
MSG Show Power On Message
BATT-V Display Battery Voltage
33 WT-LED Standby - Backlight Color Selection OFF Select desired color  
34 RX-LED Receive - Backlight Color Selection OFF Select desired color  
35 TX-LED Transmit - Backlight Color Selection OFF Select desired color  
36 MEMCH Memory Channel 000 > 199 Indicates channel number to be stored. "CH" will appear after channel is stored.  
37 DELCH Delete Channel 000 > 199 Indicates channel number to be deleted. "CH" will disappear after channel is deleted.  
38 SFT-D Frequency Shift Direction OFF No Offset (simplex)  
+ Plus frequency shift
 -  Minus frequency shift
39 OFFSET Frequency Shift Offset Amount 00.00 > 69.99 Frequency shift in MHz  
40 ANI ANI ID Code Can only be set with software  
41 ANI-L ANI Length 3, 4, 5 Length of ANI ID code  
42 REP-S Repeater Activation Tone 1000Hz  1450Hz  1750Hz  2100Hz Audible tone for repeater activation  
43 REP-M Repeater Forwarding Mode OFF Function OFF  
CARRI Forward after receiving Carrier
CTDCS Forward after receiving correct CTDCS
TONE Forward after receiving correct mono audio (Menu 42)
DTMF Forward after receiving assigned DTMF code
44 RESET Initialize to Factory Defaults VFO Menu Initialization  
ALL Menu and Channel Initialization

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