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Opening Screen
Made Easy
John 'Miklor'   K3NXU
Here's a Summary of the steps needed
to customize your opening screen.

I used Photoshop to create the initial image,
(although any image creator will work)
and Microsoft Paint to finalize it.


If using Photoshop, create your initial image.
    Size must be either   128x160 or 64x128 pixels
    Format can be  .jpg  .gif  or  .png

Microsoft Paint

Right click on the new image and open with Microsoft Paint.

Save the new image using
     File / Save as / BMP Picture
     Assign a  .bmp  file name
     Save as Type:  256 Color Bitmap

2017 DMR Download Software

Open the DMR FW upgrade software
Select: "Open file of BMP" and enter the location of your image.
Select: "Download file of BMP" and watch the status bar.
That's it...
You've just loaded your own Customized image.

Here's the one I created for my 2017.
You can download and use this one if you wish.

Right Click to Save
above .bmp image

Have fun and Enjoy your New Toy.
John 'Miklor'   K3NXU