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               Ailunce  HD1 VHF/UHF  DMR  Handheld Review
               TYT  MD9600 VHF/UHF  DMR  Mobile Review
               TYT  MD2017 VHF/UHF  DMR Handheld Review
               MD380 Toolz Firmware for MD380/390 Install Procedure
               openSPOT Digital Hotspot Review
Support Information for the Following Models:
 UV-5R UV-5R UV-5RUV-5R UV-5R RT-27D RT-27D UV-5RUV-5R UV-5R
DMR Reviews
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Amateur Radio Guide to DMR
Read this before you do anything else
DMR Basics
Digital vs. Analog What is the difference in the two technologies
Tier I  vs. Tier II Explains why Tier I is Not compatible with the DMR network
DMR Networks How do they do all this
Code Plugs
Code Plug 1.01 Getting familiar with Code Plug terminology and flow
Sample Code Plugs A few code plugs to get you started
So Central PA/MD Cluster Reg'l Division of SPa/MD/DE/NoVa
Hot Spots
DMR Hot Spots DMR Hot Spot vs. a Repeater
openSPOT Firmware Update Firmware Update Procedure
DMR Distance Guide How far will they transmit
ID Registration Where to register for a DMR ID
Dash Boards
K4USD Netwatch Watch DMR activity on your PC
Hoseline Listen to the Brandmeister TGs
MD 380/390  (Toolz)
MD-380 TyToolz Simple Windows program for loading the Toolz firmware to your 380/390.
MD-2017  (Start up image)
MD-2017  Start Up Image Create a new Start Up Screen for
your TYT  MD-2017
Anytone D868UV  (DMR DB)
Anytone D868UV  DMR DB Reformatted for D868UV

Drivers and Software      
BF-888S      CHIRP - Programming Software     
BF-888S      Using the Wrong Adapter   < NEW
BF-888S      Diagrams / Cables / Connectors / etc.
BF-888S      Antenna RF Safety Calculator
BF-888S      Cable Loss / Attenuation Chart
BF-888S      Conversion Chart - dBm to Microvolt
BF-888S      Part 90 & 95   Certification
BF-888S      Power Supplies  (Linear or Switching)
Ham Radio      
BF-888S      What is Amateur Radio  (video)
BF-888S      How a Repeater Works  (video)
BF-888S      Beginners Guide to Repeaters
BF-888S      Ham / Radio Basics - Study Guides

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