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Updating the Firmware
on the openSPOT

John  'Miklor'
March  2017


Where to find the latest firmware
The latest Full Stable Version of the FW can be downloaded from:
     SharkRF Latest Stable Release

The latest BETA Release can be downloaded from:
     SharkRF Latest Beta Release

A list of changes can be found on the same page.
STEP 1 - Download and Save the downloaded file to your desktop.
STEP 2 - Unplug the USB connection from the openSPOT to the computer.

STEP 3 - Press and Hold the Reset Button on the openSPOT while re-connecting the openSPOT back to the USB port.  The LEDs will flash Red.
- Release the Reset Button.  LEDs will now flash Green and the following message will appear on your screen.
STEP 5 - Open the folder, then Drag and Drop the FW file into file area.
STEP 6 - After about a minute, the following message will appear.
DONE - Your openSPOT now has the latest firmware.
Reset Pin
To assist with the reset procedure, I fabricated a reset pin. It consists of a small Push Pin with the pin cut to approximately 1/8" (3mm). I rounded the tip with a file to prevent damaging the internal switch. It makes pushing reset a one hand operation.

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