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Who is Miklor ?

The Miklor website was created to assist and share information with the Amateur Radio and GMRS community. The Miklor website started in 2012 when I purchased my first UV5R. It was a two page FAQ to assist with programming, drivers, software, and general operation. Since then, it has grown to over 350 pages and covers several radio models.
The Website
Where does the information comes from? Actually, most of it comes from you. If there is a known problem or issue, I test it against the models I have here. If I can confirm the issue and can find the solution, I pass it on in the form of an FAQ on Miklor.
There are several companies and vendors with whom I share information. They forward information to me to help me keep the Miklor site up-to-date, and I report findings to them that helps with future updates and enhancements.
I am not a vendor or distributor, nor do I ever want to be.  I have absolutely No financial ties to any of these companies, which gives me the ability to stay totally objective.
I have been asked on occasion to assist with writing manuals, as part of my past life was as a technical writer. 
I have also been on the testing side of CHIRP beta releases.  The developers at CHIRP are an amazing crew. Strictly volunteers that have day jobs and do this as a Labor of Love, also with no compensation. Any supporting funds are raised strictly by donations.
So, Why?
I had some great  *Elmers  when I started in ham radio may years ago, and the Miklor site is my way of giving back to the radio hobby, or 'paying it forward'.

Enjoy your new Toys, and Stay Positive
John  K3NXU
BTW: Miklor is not actually my last name. It is a Pen Name that I use because of the website. This is explained at QRZ.com
* An Elmer by definition is someone who takes the time to help and train someone in the field or Radio and Electronics.
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