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New Owner User's Guide

This guide was developed to assist new owners of the Anytone and Baofeng Series radios with the setup, programming, and general understanding as well as provide Drivers, Software and General Diagnostic tools.

The goal is to make your understanding your radio, its setup and operation much easier and enjoyable. 

Below is a roadmap through the Miklor website. Enjoy the tour...
The Miklor Web Site
Miklor.com is the main index page for the various radios covered in this guide. In each section you will find detailed information regarding programming techniques, hardware, software, drivers, manuals, etc.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Each section has its own FAQ section covering the functions, issues and capabilities not found in the standard 'User Manual'.  Take advantage of reading the answers to the most common questions asked by virtually every new owner. 
Manual (Keypad) Programming
Those transceivers with keypads have there own unique combinations of commands used for manual programming. A detailed list of these can be found at Miklor in the Menu Definition section for  your radio.
Programming Software
Programming your radio with software holds many advantages over keypad entry. For most transceivers there are 2 software options. One option is the Factory Software, the other is CHIRP.
CHIRP has some advantages, such as  compatibility between various model transceivers, automatic offsets, local online support, etc.  CHIRP is also compatible with Mac OS X, Linux, Fidora and Ubuntu.
Both Factory SW and CHIRP (if applicable) can be found in the Miklor software section for your particular radio. 
Cables and Drivers
To program via software requires a programming cable.  This is where much of the frustration of software programming starts. Although these cables are the same as used by Kenwood and Wouxun, many require a Special Driver installation.

The driver CD that comes with many cables is Not compatible with the actual cable itself.  Identification of a malfunctioning driver, its removal and replacement with a working driver can be found at:
Common Error Messages
When programming via software, odds are there may be Error Messages along the way.  A comprehensive list of message definitions and solutions is available at:   Error_Messages


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