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AA and AAA Battery Cases
for UV5R series
John K3NXU

The Battery Case 

There are two (2) optional battery cases available for the Baofeng/Pofung radios. Both require either six (6) AA or AAA size batteries. The design of the AA battery case resembles the 3800 mAh extended battery, while the AAA case closely matches the standard 1800mAh battery pack.   
What you need to know about the batteries.
You have the choice of using either Rechargeable or Alkaline batteries, however, the output voltage of each Must be considered.

The optimal required operating voltage for the radio is 7.4V.
A standard rechargeable NiCD or NiMH battery has an operating voltage of 1.25V, so a string of 6 batteries in series produces a combined voltage of 7.5V.
     1.25 x 6 = 7.5V
Alkaline batteries operate at 1.5V, producing a total of 9V.
     1.50 x 6 = 9.0V

The battery protection circuit in the UV5R and UV82 series will lock out the transmitter when it detects a battery voltage overload condition. This prevents damage to the transmitter and kicks in at about the 8V level.

To avoid this, a Dummy Cell should be used in place of one of the Alkaline batteries. This is a cell which is the same size as required by the battery pack, but is a shunt. This will allow 5 Alkaline batteries to deliver the desired voltage.
     1.50 x 5 = 7.5V

Some battery cases come with the dummy cell included. 

AA Battery Case Link
--  NEVER attempt to create a dummy cell using an old battery and soldering a jumper across the Positive and Negative contacts. The chemical reaction inside a shorted cell can cause unpredictable and hazardous chemical reactions.

--  Do Not use LiFePO4  3.2V  AA Lithium Phosphate batteries.

--  Do Not mix and match battery types.

--  Always store batteries outside the battery case if not being used for an extended period of time.  This will prevent a potential leaking battery from ruining the case.

--  Some, not all, battery cases have very close tolerances. You may want to slide a thin piece of paper or cardboard between the contacts to prevent a short if something should slip out of place.
Why would I want an Alkaline battery case?
One word... Shelf life. If you are looking for a battery that will always be ready for you when the lights goes out, an alkaline battery won't let you down. A quality alkaline battery has a shelf life of 10 years.  (Energizer and Rayovac)
And yes, I know shelf life is two words.

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