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New Product / Product Review
Baofeng / Pofung UV82
BL-8  AAA Battery Case

for the UV82 series
including UV82X, 82C, 82L & UV89

At long last, a heavy duty AAA Battery Case for the UV82 series transceiver. 
What's in the Box
The box contains a BL-8 compatible AAA Case and a dummy cell to prevent damage from voltage overload when using Alkaline batteries.

The case is rated up to 3A, so it will support any AAA rechargeable or alkaline battery you decide to use.
The batteries install smoothly and the case snaps together tightly. I use five alkaline batteries with mine and the dummy cell.
Why the Dummy Cell

The optimal operating voltage for the radio is 7.4V. A standard rechargeable NiCD or NiMH battery has an operating voltage of 1.25V, so a string of 6 batteries produces a combined voltage of 7.5V.  Alkaline batteries operate at 1.5V, producing a total of 9.0V.
The battery protection circuit will lock out the transmitter when it detects a battery voltage overload condition. This prevents damage to the transmitter and kicks in at about the 8V level.
To avoid this, a Dummy Cell is used in place of one of the Alkaline batteries. This cell is the same size as required by the battery pack, but is a shunt. This will allow 5 Alkaline batteries to deliver the desired voltage.
   1.50 x 5 = 7.5V
More detail regarding Battery Safety and warnings can be found here.
Environmental Precaution
Always store batteries outside the battery case if not being used for an extended period of time. This will prevent a potential leaking battery from ruining the case.
The size of the AAA pack is basically the same size as the stock battery.  The one big advantage is the shelf life of an alkaline battery is upwards to 10 years. If you are an avid hunter, camper, prepper or just like to have a spare battery pack that you know you can rely on, you may want to have one of these on hand.  If you are using alkaline batteries, I recommend using a quality brand batteries with higher current capacity.

This can be purchased at Amazon.com

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