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Product Review
Baofeng UV-82HP
High Power / New Options
VHF/UHF Handheld
June 9, 2015

Not just a Power Upgrade
The new UV-82HP is not just a power upgrade, but a combination of all major features of both the UV82 and UV5R series in one package.
What's in the Box
- The UV82HP
- Newer upgraded A-V85 Antenna
- 7.4V 1800mAh Li-Ion Battery
- Upright Charger and wall-wart
- Manual written in English
- Belt Clip
- Hand Strap
The radio sports all traditional features of the UV82 design, with the larger keypad buttons and the zero at the bottom of the number pad where it belongs, etc.  It also is built using the latest generation chipset.

- The frequency range is the full  136-174.99MHz, 400 - 520.99MHz range.
- VHF output on the test unit clocks in at 7.3W with UHF at 6.0W 
- The Dual PTT button is now an option that can be turned off. Previously only available with the commercial version (UV82C)
- Live On-the-Air audio reports are exc
- Alpha tags can be added with the required software below.
- The receiver sensitivity is still excellent.
So, What makes this version an upgrade?

- The original UV82 took a traditional UV5R, and added design features such as an upgraded case and Dual PTT switch. (comparison)
- Next came the UV82C which included options to synchronize the Dual PTT function to emulate a Single PTT, and the ability to lock out the VFO to prevent accidental field programming.
- Next came the 8W F8HP, the first of the high power Baofengs.
- An expanded feature added is R-Tone, a repeater tone for those requiring a 1000, 1450, 1750 or 2000Hz audible tone for access. This is not to be confused with CTCSS or DCS. Prior models provided Tone Burst for 1750Hz only.
The UV82HP now includes all of the above features in one package. The PTT synchronizing, VFO lockout, High Power, R-Tone, and newest generation chipset.
It has kept the traditional UV82 case design to ensure compatibility between all existing options, including Dual PTT Spkr/Micr, battery cases, holsters, battery eliminators, etc.
Feature UV82HP UV82 UV82C F8HP UV5R
High Power  7-8W Yes - - Yes -
Dual PTT Yes Yes Yes - -
* Single PTT Sync Option Yes - Yes - -
* VFO Mode Disable Yes - Yes - -
* Repeater Access Tones
    1000, 1450, 1750, 2100Hz
Yes 1750Hz 1750Hz 1750Hz 1750Hz

* Note: There are some UV82 8W versions that do Not have the additional features found in the UV82HP.

As mentioned above, with software, the UV82HP can lockout the VFO mode to prevent accidental changes.
The Factory Software has been added to the Miklor.com Software section.  The radio has also now included in the Latest Daily Build of CHIRP.

Note: A programming cable is required to run the software. Acquiring a quality cable is highly recommended. You will spend more time using the radio and less time trying to load special backdated drivers to your PC.  The generic cables are less expensive, but a cable with an FTDI chip is Plug 'n Play.
The UV82HP allows locking the PTT Button to simulate a Single PTT and override the Dual PTT feature. 
Software Note

As you may have expected, running the UV82HP software will not activate or create new features on an older UV-82/82C.

All of my accessories for the standard UV82 are compatible, including the Dual PTT speaker/micr. With the exception of the battery and charger, all UV5R accessories work as well.
You can always run this radio in low/mid power to conserve battery, but when you need the extra power, it's there.
It's nice to see a true upgrade of features to the UV82 series, and not just a fancy case or the addition of extra letters and numbers to the UV82 label.
For the price, they are hard to beat.
A Feature Comparison published between the standard UV82 and its predecessor can be found at UV82_vs_UV5R

A full in-depth Technical Review of the Original UV-82 was done by Hans at Ham_Radio_Blog_PD0AC
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