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Product Review
Baofeng UV-82C
VHF/UHF Handheld
Commercial Version

US Part 90 Certified

May 24, 2014

What's in the BOX
Along with the radio you will find the traditional English manual, accompanied by sturdy belt clip, hand strap, antenna, a 7.4V 1800mAh Li-Ion battery with an upright charger and Wall-Wart, compatible with all UV82 series radios. 

The radio sports all traditional features of the UV82 design, with the larger keypad buttons and the zero at the bottom of the number pad where it belongs, etc.  It also is built using the new 2nd generation chipset.

- The frequency range is the full  136-174.99 MHz, 400 - 520.99 MHz range.
- VHF output on the test unit clocks in at 5.2W with UHF at 4.0W 
- Live On-the-Air audio reports are excellent.
- Alpha tags can be added with the required software below.
- The Dual PTT button is now an option that can be turned off.
- The receiver sensitivity is still excellent with selectivity average.
So, What makes this version an upgrade?
1.  Software locks out Field Programming and Tampering
The UV-82C comes locked in the MR/Channel mode, but is easily opened via software.  This prevents unauthorized users from tampering or accidentally changing frequencies or options.

I added the required Factory Software for unlocking and programming to Miklor.com in the Software section.  It has also been added to the Latest Daily Build of CHIRP.

Note: A programming cable is required to run the software. Acquiring a quality cable is highly recommended. You will spend more time using the radio and less time trying to load special backdated drivers to your PC.  This is especially true in a commercial application.  The generic cables are less expensive, but a cable with an FTDI chip is Plug 'n Play.

2.  Dual PTT can now be Synchronized
The UV82C has added a new option that allows locking the PTT Button to simulate a Single PTT and override the Dual PTT feature.  I was forever pressing the wrong part of the switch, but this takes out all of the guess work.  By Pressing the EXIT/AB button, I can still switch the selected  upper/lower display. 

3.  FCC Part 90 Certified
The UV-82C is FCC Part 90 Certified and compliant with U.S. FCC Commercial specifications for both hardware and software (ZP5BF-82), as it requires a programming cable and software to unlock and program the radio.  The radio has the required 2.5kHz step option as well.

Software Note
As you may have expected, running the UV82C software will not activate or create new features on an older UV-82. The Field Programming and Dual PTT lockout features are firmware upgrades for the 'C' model only.
All of my accessories for the standard UV82 are compatible, including the Dual PTT speaker/micr. With the exception of the battery and charger, all UV5R accessories work as well.

The manufacturer appears serious about entering into the U.S. commercial market with something other than a rebranding or cosmetic change.  I personally find the option of reverting back to a Single PTT and Field Programming Lockout a plus.  I still like my standard UV-82's, but this one is "Me Proof".  For the price, they are hard to beat.

A Feature Comparison published between the UV82 and its predecessor can be found at UV82_vs_UV5R

A full in-depth Technical Review of the Original UV-82 was done by Hans at Ham_Radio_Blog_PD0AC

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