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Product Review
Baofeng UV-6R
  VHF/UHF Handheld
July 15, 2015

What's in the Box
- Radio and Battery
- 33 page Manual – English ‘Summary’ of menu functions
- Charger base & AC adapter – compatible with UV5R
- Hand strap
- Belt clip
- PTT Earpiece/Micr
- Antenna – 15cm VHF/UHF antenna
     Longer than original UV5R antenna, shorter than A-V85
Battery – BL-6
7.4V   1800mAh   13WH   3.3oz
     1800mAh Battery appears accurate by its weight
     (UV5R- 2.7oz, UV6R- 3.0oz, UV82- 3.1oz)
The UV5R charger is compatible, however the UV5R battery is not. This  prevents the UV5R  3800mAh extended battery from fitting.
The UV6R battery release is at the bottom, where the UV5R has the release at the top.  The battery fits tightly and  not easily removed. It will definitely not accidentally fall out.
The UV5R and UV6R charger Base and Wall-Wart are the same voltages. Chargers are interchangeable.

Note: The UV5R charger has two small pins on the bottom that may cause the UV6R to rock around a bit. Radio must be seated carefully if one charger is used to charge both radios.

Single PTT switch
On-the-air audio reports were very good.
Power level - Very good (5W indicated on label)
Power determined using commercially calibrated Bird Termaline.
VHF Lo Hi   UHF Lo Hi
146 1.4 5.1   446 .9 4.7
Sensitivity is Excellent
No distortion at high volume
Scan rate = 4 chan/sec (UV5R is 3 chan/sec)
FM Broadcast receiver is very sensitive (65-108MHz )
The audio is very clear and undistorted, even at higher volume, with much mellower audio than a UV5R.
Only 16 keys – V/M and A/B button gone.
Zero (0) is at the bottom of the keypad.
Layout similar to TYT series radios. (UVF9, F9D).
Hi/Lo Power change now requires  [Menu] 2 [Menu] ^ [Menu] *
Button footprint is smaller than UV5R series.
Keypad buttons are softer than the standard UV5R, easy to press, with a positive response.
Keypad Backlight
Four LEDs on main board show through the edges of the keys brighter than the keys. This is distracting when trying to program/operate at night.
The UV6R sports the standard Tri-color display: Blue, Orange, Purple.
Note: The LCD includes 2T5T, but this is not an option.
Case / Size
Case is larger than the UV5R, smaller than UV82 series.
Jack on right has sufficient clearance for Cable & Spkr/Micr to fully insert. After a few cable insertions, the orange side cover wants to pop open, but eventually corrects itself.

Softer appearance than UV5R
Orange buttons and plug cover add a bit of color to the radio.
The Squelch is very loose. Even at level 9, it opens on the slightest static burst. When this occurs, the keypad flashes up for an instant.
Features & Options
The UV6R has the same 40 Menu Options and features as the UV5R, with the exception of Menu 34. The UV6R uses this to generate a 1000, 1450, 1750, or 2100Hz tone.
The radio has its own unique software, and is not compatible with standard UV5R software. The software can be found  HERE.
PowerOn (3)   14.12.
PowerOn (6)   HDBF230
All around nice radio. Good audio reports on transmit with good speaker quality. Makes advertised power with all the basic functionality of the UV5R series.
Available from Radioddity and Amazon

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