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Product Review
Dual Band Transceiver
136-174 /
400-480 MHz

by: John  'Miklor'
April 2016



First off, I am not a dealer, manufacturer or distributor, so I have nothing to gain by inflating or deflating the performance of a radio. With that being said...
What is the Leixen UV52

Leixen, the same company that introduced the VV-898P/SP series BackPack radios, has now introduced a handheld with a nice combination of features. The power is 6W and has two channel banks with 199 channels per bank.
In the Box

Included with the UV52 transceiver are: the following:
-  7.4V   2800 mAh Lithium Battery
-  Battery Charger with 110-220VAC wall adapter
-  Dual Band Antenna
-  Heavy Duty Belt Clip
-  Carry Strap
-  English User Guide
-  PTT Earpiece
Size / Weight

Weight:  255g (9.0 oz)
Size:  130(H) x 60 (W) x 38 (D) mm  (5.1 x 2.4 x 1.5") 

Enclosure & Keys

The case has a nice solid feel with 3 keys on the left side. The upper two keys are for the dual PTT. The upper key selects display A (upper), while the center key selects B (lower).  If desired, there is a menu option to sync the two buttons.

Third (lower key) is a programmable, and can be set to any two of the fifteen available options. Some of these options include: FM Radio, Monitor, Power, 1750Hz Tone Burst, Reverse, Scan.

The right side of the case has a small door that covers the entry port for the programming cable. There is more information regarding the cable required below.
The LED on the top displays the power level when transmitting (Violet=Low  Red=High). The LED lights up Blue when actively receiving a signal.  The radio is terminated with a standard SMA-M connector, requiring an antenna with an SMA-F connector.
Band Coverage
The TX and RX range is VHF 136-174 and UHF 400-480 MHz. The radio also has 200-260 MHz receive only capability, as well as FM Broadcast (76-108 MHz).

The UV52 is rated at 6W, and holds true to those estimates. Using a Bird Wattmeter terminated at 50 ohm showed the following results.  Over the Air audio reports were very good.

Freq Low High
146 2.7 5.8
160 2.7 6.0
446 2.9 5.6
460 2.7 5.8
Although the UV52 has scrambler capabilities, check with your countries regulations regarding the use of this option.


The included flexible antenna measures 7" in length is quite adequate, and is terminated with a standard SMA-F connector. 

The VHF / UHF receiver sensitivity is on par with any handheld I’ve used in the past (commercial and amateur), and there's plenty of smooth, clear and loud audio. 
Sensitivity on the 200-260 MHz band is reduced, but still very capable of receiving local repeaters. Channels can be added or deleted from their assigned scan group via the keypad. I found the scan rate to be approximately 4 chan/sec. I personally would enter no more than 5 to 10 channels in a group.
I found the LCD characters large, and easy to read. The 6 character readout supports both Upper and Lower case letters, along with special characters. Background color options are Orange, Purple and Blue.

Programming Software and Cable

The software for the UV52 is fairly basic and easy to understand. The programming cable required is the same format as the Hytera style cable. 
Note: If you currently have a Kenwood / Baofeng style cable, it will not be compatible. This also applies to accessories such as remote Spkr/Micr.

Click to enlarge
Manual Programming
Manual / Field programming is pretty straight forward. An example can be found HERE, as well as a list of Menu items. Channel Names can be assigned via the keypad as well as with the software.


After a week of testing, I found no issues with the radios options or performance.  This is not a rebranding of an existing radio, but its own product.  The UV52 has a nice solid feel, plenty of power, and lots of channel storage split into 2 channel banks.  There's quite a bit of radio packed into a small handheld.  I definitely give it a positive review.



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