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Product Review
Nagoya UT-72
Magnetic Mount Antenna

Dual Band VHF/UHF  Ham/GMRS
PL-259 and SMA-F

John 'Miklor'   Nov 2015


The Nagoya UT-72 is the latest addition to the Nagoya family of Mobile antennas.  The new antenna features dual connectivity as well as smooth results on both the Ham bands and GMRS. Also, it's power rating is 75W.
What's in the Package
- Heavy Duty magnetic Base with 14' (4.3m) RG58A/U  (PL-259)
      Note: (Jan 2016) The original cable length was 10' (3m)
- Main antenna element
- Coil Spring base with lock nut
- 10" (26 cm)  RG-316  Cable to Handheld jumper (SO-239 to SMA-F)
Opening the package, you will find the hefty 3 3/8" x 3/8" (8.5 x 1.0 cm) magnet at the base with a rubberized pad on the bottom to prevent any scratching of the paint.  Driving down the highway with the UT-72 attached to the roof of your vehicle, this antenna is definitely not going to move.
The total antenna length is 21.2" (54 cm) long with an active element is 19" (48 cm) long and just over 1/16" (2 mm) thick.
A Nice Plus - 2 for 1 
The cable is now 14' (4.3m)  run of RG-58A/U terminated with a PL-259 connector.  Unlike some antennas using RG-174, the heavier cable has lower loss and is resistant to pinching, crimping and weather impact.
Also included is a 10"  RG-316  jumper with SO-239 and SMA-F connectors.  While the main cable will mate with virtually all mobile transceivers, the 10" adapter jumper with the SMA-F allows the flexibility of easily connecting to a handheld.

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Test Results
For testing purposes, I placed the antenna in the center of the roof with over two foot of metal in all directions.  The SWR results were very impressive, with an excellent smooth match across the VHF/UHF spectrum, both Ham and GMRS. (and yes, I hold both licenses)
The tightly wrapped coil spring serves two purposes. The most obvious is the flexibility, however it also adds thickness to the element. This contributes the the antennas broadband matching.

The over the air test results were excellent. I have used lesser bargain antennas, and you get what you pay for.  The antenna is commercial quality and will not disappoint. 
Good job, Nagoya.  I definitely give it a 5 star rating.

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