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Product Review
Nagoya UT 308 SMA-J
Dual Band VHF / UHF
Magnetic Mount Antenna - SMA Female
John K3NXU
May 2015


The Nagoya UT-308 SMA-J is the latest addition to the Nagoya family of Mobile antennas.  The SMA-F connector makes it compatible with most Anytone and Baofeng radios without the need for adapters.
What's in the Package
- Heavy Duty magnetic Base with 10' (3 m) RG58A/U
- Main antenna element
- 12" (30 cm)  RG-316  Cable to Handheld jumper
Opening the package, the first thing you will notice is the hefty 3 3/8" x 3/8" (8.5 x 1.0 cm) magnet at the base.  The rubberized pad on the bottom should prevent any scratching of the paint.  Driving down the highway with the UT-308 attached to the roof of your vehicle, this antenna is definitely not going to move.
The total antenna length is 22 1/4" (56.5 cm) long with an active element is 20 3/4" (53 cm) long and just over 1/16" (2 mm) thick.
A nice plus  is the  12"  RG-316  jumper with SMAP / SMAJ connectors which is included with the antenna. This allows flexibility between the RG-58 cable and the handheld.

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The cable is a 10' (3 m) run of RG-58A/U terminated with an SMA-F connector.  The double advantage of the heavier cable is lower cable loss and its resistance to pinching, crimping and resistance to the weather.
Test Results
For testing purposes, I placed the antenna in the center of the roof with over two foot of metal in all directions.  The SWR results were more than impressive.  The antenna shows an excellent smooth matching across the VHF/UHF spectrum, both Ham and GMRS.

On the air test results were excellent. I have had lesser antenna cables cut by power windows, shift around the roof at high speeds, and end up on the side of my vehicle after hitting PA Potholes. This antenna is about as permanent as you could expect. Good job, Nagoya.

I definitely give it a 5 star rating.

Available from Amazon and BaofengTech

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