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Product Review
UHF Handheld
2W   16 Channel

The Radtel T18 is a basic UHF transceiver that gets the job done well at a minimal cost.
In the Box  
Included with the radio are the:
-  3.7V  2200mAh Li-Ion Battery *
-  Pamphlet describing the functions of the radio
-  Charger base & AC power cord
-  Belt clip
-  Antenna

The radio measures: 5.0 x 2.2 x 1.1" (12.7 x 5.6 x 2.8cm)
Weight: 6.3 oz (178g) with battery and antenna.

The case has a rugged feel to it, giving the impression that if it were dropped, it would bounce to safety. The antenna is terminated with a standard SMA Female connector.  The Li-Ion battery charger base is a basic design with an AC power connector on the back (no Wall-Wart necessary).

The top of the radio has the traditional PowerOn/Volume knob and 16 channel selector switch. The left side of the radio has the PTT switch and a monitor button to open the squelch if desired. The right side of the case has the standard two pin Kenwood K1 jack for programming.
The Receiver
The receiver sensitivity is very good. One thing I specifically noticed was the power and clarity of the audio. A slightly larger speaker than most makes a big difference in the clarity. It T18 does support CTCSS/DCS.
I found this to be a handy feature. To place the radio in the scanning mode requires simply selecting channel 16. I clocked the scan rate at 10 channels per second. When an active channel was detected, the radio will either continue when the signal drops, or pause for 5 seconds to give you a chance to respond.
I did find that the options for scanning are reversed in the software. TIME continues scanning immediately, while CARRIER pauses for 5 seconds after the signal drops. This is not a major issue, but worth mentioning.

The Transmitter
The T18 is a Single Band, UHF transceiver covering 400-470MHz. The power output (rated at 2W) on a calibrated wattmeter shows as 1.9W, pretty much right where it should be.  Transmitter audio reports are very good.
The T18 contains an audio scrambler (voice frequency inverter) which is compatible with the one in the BF888S. However, before you use this option, you may want to confirm your countries regulations regarding voice scramblers.
There is no keypad, so a programming cable is a must. The software is readily available and can be downloaded from Miklor.com. The OEM software is very easy to follow, as shown below.
The T18 has all the basic features, and with the low price tag, definitely won't break the budget. This handheld currently sells in the range of around $16 and are available on Amazon.

If you are a ham and live close to your favorite UHF repeaters, or just want something for the beach, these are good little transceivers. If you drop it in the water or get sand in it, throw it away and get a new one. They are great for hamfests and other ham radio based functions and activities. The thin design fits great in a shirt pocket. If you have spare change in your pocket, you just might want to play with one.


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