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Product Review

2W-5W Handheld
400-470 MHz
First off, I am not a dealer, manufacturer or distributor, so I have nothing to gain by inflating or deflating the performance of a radio. With that out of the way...
I recently acquired a Leixen LX-928SU handheld and would be amiss if I didn't post a review.
I don't do "unboxing" videos on YouTube as I feel you know how to open a box the same as I do.  You open the box, look inside, and say "Wow", everything looks like it's here. So, let's get to it...
A new addition to the handheld market is the Leixen LX-928S.  The specific model I tested was the UHF version.  
It's part of a dying breed of radios as it is a Single Band UHF transceiver, that can store up to 199 channels as well as up to 30 FM broadcast channels.
What's In the Box
Included with the radio are:
   The LX-928 handheld
   7.4V 2000mAh Li-Ion Battery
   Battery Charger / Wall wart
   UHF Antenna
   USB Programming Cable


The first thing I noticed was the heavy duty case and weight of the radio. Unlike many imported radios, this one has a solid feel to it. Turning the radio over displays a solid metal heat sink for heat displacement. A good start for any radio. The battery slides on smoothly and locks securely in place.

Power - The LX928 is rated at 5W High Power and delivers on the promise. Lower power is rated at 2W.

Audio - On the air audio reports were very good displaying a full audio with plenty of highs and lows to go around.
Steps - The frequency steps range from 2.5 to 25 kHz, so there's no issues programming any desired  frequency.
The receiver sensitivity is excellent and is on par with the best of them.  The receiver audio quality is extremely clear and loud with a full clear and undistorted sound. A large speaker and powerful audio amp in the receiver makes this possible.
The 5" SMA-F antenna supplied is cut specifically for the UHF band.  Most upgraded antennas seem to fits nicely. I did notice that Nagoya antennas have a slightly wider base and did not screw down completely unless they had an Extended_Thread. Other antennas I tried (Baofeng and Diamond) fit fine and performed well.
The LCD as shown below shows six large numbers on the frequency display. It also accepts alpha/numeric labeling of channels that can be entered from the keypad as well as through the software.
The blue backlight display has three options: Off, Key and Continuous. The Key option activates the backlight when a key is pressed and remains lit for 5 seconds after the last key is released.
The is a nine bar signal strength indicator that is quiet functional, as it progresses very smoothly through the enter range.

As with any new transceiver, manually programming takes a little to get used to, but is pretty straight forward once you program in a few channels. A Menu Definition Summary is available at Miklor.com Menu_Def.  Although the radio is not shipped with software, it is easily obtained and downloaded from the manufacturer’s website or at Miklor.com LX928_Software 
The software requires a user name and password for access.
User = “ham”   Password = “92812345”
The software is very basic and straight forward. I was able to get my 20 initial channels of interest programmed in about 15 minutes.

It went through all the functions and options, I found no bugs or quirks that effected its operation.
Programming Cable
The cable supplied is a 1m (39") USB to 2 pin plug (2.5mm/3.2mm). The cable I received uses a genuine Prolific chipset and requires no special drivers. It will load the current required driver directly from the internet.

Note: I have been told that some vendors are supplying cables that require a backdated Prolific driver. If this is the case, Prolific Driver can be found at  DRIVER

US FCC Part 90

Note: On Sept 2, 2014, the VV898 was granted Part 90 approval for Technical and RF Compliance. There was no certification sticker on the back of my test unit as the software still needs to meet compliance.  Part 90 Authorization  

Feels extremely solid with a heavy duty heat sink.
Power meets the advertised specs with good Over-the-Air performance.
Large easy to read LCD.
Programming cable is included.
As with any new model, there is a bit of a learning curve.
The manual is complete, but sometimes hard to follow.
Programming manually isn't all that bad, but software highly recommended.

If you are looking for a heavy duty single band handheld, this is one you may want to consider. This is solid performer.  There's also a VHF version soon to be introduced.


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