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Product Review
Baofeng   GT-5TP
VHF / UHF Handheld

by: John  'Miklor'
October 2016


Here's another take on old favorite.  The Baofeng GT-5TP is a first cousin to the UV82 with a bit more power and a different case design.                 
In the Box

Included with the radio are:
-  BaoFeng GT-5TP
-  7.4V 2000mAh Battery
-  17cm Dual Band Antenna
-  Earpiece
-  Desktop Charger and Adapter
-  Belt Clip
-  Hand Strap
-  User Manual (English/German)
General Information
-  The GT-5TP has a single bank of 128 channels.
-  Freq Range = VHF 130-176 / UHF 400-520 MHz
-  65MHz-108MHz (Receive only) commercial FM radio
-  Dual PTT function
-  Supports 2.5kHz frequency steps

The radio has a comfortable feel and weight.  The original UV82 shown below has a small protective edge to the right of the volume knob. This is to help prevent accidentally turning the volume knob with your thumb while pressing the PTT switch. The GT-5TP replaced the small knob with a larger knob. It's easier to adjust the volume, but also easier to accidentally readjust, especially when carrying on my belt. 
The battery is rated 7.4V 2000mAh, however there is something to note.  Although the battery looks very similar, and is labeled as a BL-8, this battery is not compatible with the standard BL-8 battery found on the UV-82. Neither battery will fit the other.  The ads will specify GT5 or GT5TP. The standard battery is about 1/16" wider at the bottom and the side notches prevent charger and radio interchangeability.

The numeric keypad is the traditional style, with the zero properly placed at the bottom. The keys light up brightly when pressed, so there's no issue programming in dimly lit areas.
click to enlarge
Although the GT-5TP is a tri-power radio, but the power level missed the mark slightly from the advertised power. The specifications rate the radio at 1/4/8W. Measuring the radio's power using my Bird Wattmeter, it comes up a bit shy from the advertised rating. The OTA audio reports are clear and clean with mellow audio.
GT-5TP 146
High 6.2 5.9
Med 4.3 4.2
Low 1.4 1.3
The receiver sensitivity is excellent, and audio quality is very clear, loud, and undistorted, even at full volume.  The squelch settings show little difference between level 1 and 10, but this can be resolved by using the Service Settings of the CHIRP software.
The 5.5" (15cm) dual band antenna seems to be well matched to the radio. 

The radio has a tri-color blue, orange and purple display.  The LCD can be formatted in either of three formats. Choices are Frequency, Channel number, or up to 7 Alpha Characters,.  The signal indicator does not show strength, but rather ON or OFF.
Manual programming requires the radio be set to the VFO mode. This is accomplished by powering on the radio while pressing the menu key.
Manual programming is pretty straight forward once you enter a few channels. A programming guide can be found at Manual Programming with a Menu Definition summary available at Menu Definitions.
The software is very much like the standard Baofeng factory software. Pretty straight forward, but I much prefer using CHIRP.  (select UV82HP).
Programming Cable
The programming cable used is the traditional two pin Baofeng / Kenwood K-1 style. My recommendation is to purchase a PC03 cable that incorporates an FTDI chip. This eliminates the need for special drivers. The FTDI cable is Plug-n-Play.
The unique design of the case limits accessory compatibility.
   SMA-F antennas, programming cables, Spkr/Micr.
Not compatible:
   Battery, Chargers, Mobile DC battery eliminators, alkaline battery packs.
The GT-5TP has all the features of the UV82 with different case.  The power level was slightly less than expected, but the overall performance was good.  It will keep up with the best of the dual band Baofengs.

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