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Ground Plane Kit

Stainless Steel

GPK-01    Ground Plane Kit
I recently came across this ground plane mount and immediately noticed its construction. The entire mount, radials, and clamps are all Stainless Steel, not just the radials. I find this important if you want to prevent rust.
The entire disassembled mount measure 11" and can be assembled in a matter of minutes. This makes it perfect for a Go Box or transporting.  Assembled, the radials are 21" total length, and project horizontally from the mount. The total antenna radial length tip-to-tip is approximately 44" across.

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The bracket is notched for the two included stainless pipe clamps so there is no slippage. However, if you are in the field and not near a 2" pipe or mast, find a tree branch or a 2x4 and you can mount the bracket temporarily with two long screws.
The top brass connector is NMO while the cable side connector is a standard SO-239.
I mounted mine on a two inch pipe using my Nagoya TB-320A tri-band mobile antenna. The results were excellent.
I was in a conversation the other day with a long haul driver looking for an antenna solution. A side view mirror by no means provides a good ground plane and a fiberglass roof is no help at all. The potential solution was to attach a mast to the back of the cab and use his existing NMO mount antenna. This would also work well for RVs using a telescopic mast.

As with all antenna installations, make sure you've got a good ground going to the mount.
If you are looking for either a quick field solution or a permanent mount that is totally maintenance free, I give this mount a two thumbs up.
Available from:
   GPK-01 on Amazon and BaofengTech 

A dual band antenna option:
   Nagoya NMO-72     Antenna   Review

A tri-band antenna option:
   Nagoya TB320A    Antenna   Review

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GPK-01 base teamed with an NMO-72

Nagoya  GPK-01

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