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Product Review

6 Bay Charger
H777 / BF888S


by: John  'Miklor'     February 2018

General Description
Multi-radio chargers for ham equipment are long overdue. Although they are common with many upper end commercial radios, they are not readily available for basic two-way ham type radios. If your club or group uses multiple radios for events, you may want to take a look into one.
In the Box
-  6 Bay Charger
-  AC Power Supply
They weigh in at  1lb 12.4oz  (805g)
Chassis Size is  10" (L) x 7.3" (W) x 2.5" (D)
Enclosure and Mount

This charger weighs in at 1.7 lbs and is designed for the Retevis H777 and Baofeng BF888S series radios. The rectangular footprint supports six transceivers. The radios were easy to insert, but If the charger light didn't light immediately, I needed to reinsert the radio toward the back of the charging slot. When the charge light shows Red, the charging begins.
The bottom of the charger sits on four rubber pads to prevent sliding and scratching the surface below. The side of the assembly has a power switch adjacent to the power jack.

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The ports are slotted to accept either the radio or just the battery, keeping both fully charged and ready to go. The six ports function independently, so all radios can be charged at the same time.  
Keep in mind that there are now some radio case variations, such as the BF888S plus. These models with waterproof cases have a different footprint are not compatible with this charger.

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Power Source
While most OEM chargers are 500mAh,
this assembly uses a single 4A laptop style AC supply (weight 5.8oz), so there is plenty of charging power six radios at a time.
Be aware that all wall chargers are not the same. These radios have 3.7 volt batteries. As a result the wall charger only supplies 5 volts. Do not use a 10-12 volt wall charger as damage from over voltage will occur. Use only the supplied wall charger.
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Charging Indicators
This is an intelligent charger that does voltage sampling.
-  With no battery inserted, the indicator is
-  When the battery is inserted, the indicator will glow
-  When fully charged, the light returns to a bright

It is safe to leave the battery in the charger.
In Summary
This charger was developed with EmComm, Skywarn, individuals and groups using multiple radios for their daily or weekend activities. It's perfect if you have multiple radios and spare batteries. Anytime I can reduce the number of chargers and power strips in my shop, I take advantage of it.
Amazon:       RTC-777 (H777) Charger        H777  Transceiver

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