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Product Review

CH-5-6   &  CH-8-6
6 Bay Chargers
UV5R or UV82 series


by: John  'Miklor'     February 2018

General Description
Multi-radio chargers for my radios are long overdue. Although they are common with many upper end commercial radios, they are few and far apart for basic two-way transceivers. If your club or group uses multiple radios for events, you may want to consider a Multi-Charger to 'clean up the desk'.
These are not extended versions of the stock OEM chargers. They are a quality build with 'smart charge' ports. If you have multiple UV5R or UV82 series radios and spare batteries, these 6 bay chargers should be a definite consideration.
In the Box
Included with the 6 Bay Charger:
-  AC Power Supply
-  Power Cord
-  Instruction Sheet
They weigh in at  1lb 11oz  (765g)
Chassis Size is  19.5" (L) x 4.0" (W) x 2.5" (D)
Enclosure and Mount

The first thing you notice when unpacking these is the weight. The main chassis weighs in at a hefty 1.7 lbs and are designed for either the UV5R or UV82 series radios.  Each slot has it's own individual smart charging circuitry, allowing each battery to charge independently with a common power source. I found the UV82 style radios were easy to insert but a little on the snug side. 

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The ports are slotted to accept either the radio or the battery. This allows me to keep both fully charged and ready to go.
Keep in mind that all UV5R and UV82 batteries must be the type used and supported by the original style transceivers. Some derivatives with waterproof cases use different style batteries are not compatible with this charger.
The 6 ports function independently, so UV5R series radios (UV5R, 5X3, etc) with battery types BL-5 and BL-5L can all be charged at the same time. The same goes for UV82 series (UV82, 82HP, GMRS-V1, MURS-V1) radios and their batteries (BL-8 and BL-8L).

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Power Source
Many of my OEM chargers came through with a 500mAh wall wart.  I was pleased to find the
charger for this assembly is a single 5A laptop style AC supply (weight 7oz), so there is plenty of power for charging six at a time.

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The bottom of the assembly has six rubber pads to prevent sliding as well as two legs to lift the back of the charger allowing it to tilt forward.

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There are also two cut outs on the back that allow for wall hanging of the charger. Although a nice addition, I prefer the desktop for stability.

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Charging Indicators
This is an intelligent charger that does voltage sampling.
-  With no battery inserted, the indicator is
-  When the battery is inserted, the indicator will glow bright
-  It remains
Red until almost completely charged, at which time the light will dim as shown below. This indicates that the charger is topping off the battery with a 'trickle charge'.
-  When fully charged, the light returns to a bright

It is safe to leave the battery in the charger.

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In Summary
This charger was developed with EmComm, Commercial, Business, as well as individuals and groups using multiple radios for their daily or weekend activities. It's perfect if you have multiple radios and spare batteries.
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