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Product Review

Blackbird VHF/UHF J-Pole
John 'Miklor'
Nov 2014
What's in the Package
- The pre-assembled solid aluminum element J-Pole antenna
- Aluminum mounting Bracket
- Stainless Steel hardware

The Blackbird is available in 3 different pre-tuned versions.
2M / 70CM 143-149 MHz + 437-450 MHz 
MARS / GMRS 150-156 MHz + 460-470 MHz
FIRE / POLICE 155-161 MHz + 450-460 MHz

This Blackbird tested came pre-tuned for the VHF and UHF ham bands and is terminated with a high quality SO239 connector.

There is basically no assembly necessary.  The main element comes in two sections with treaded ends.  Screw on the longest element and it's ready to put in the air. 
This antenna was made to install one time and leave alone. The elements are 3/8" solid aluminum rods with 3/16" aluminum angle for mounting. The hardware is all stainless, so if you decide to move the antenna in the future, rusty bolts are out of the question. 
The Extra Convenience
The total length of the antenna is just under 60", however the main element breaks down into two sections, the longest of which is 31", making it easy to transport.  The end of the longest element has a small pre-drilled hole, perfect for hoisting into a tree for field day or emergency operations. 

I checked the SWR and the results were excellent on both bands.  This J-Pole is rated at 1500W capability, so it can handle just about anything you throw at it.  I've used several omni directional antennas in the past and can say that this one is a definite keeper. 
So where do I get one?
This particular antenna was acquired from MTC in Paris, TX.  The price is below that of similar J-Poles with 2 piece solid elements. 

The antenna is solid, efficient, and built to perform and last.  It comes with everything you need for rapid deployment. If you're looking for a Go Bag antenna or antenna for field day, this is one you should definitely consider.  As a fixed base station antenna, you should be able to get many maintenance free years of service.  I can give Blackbird J-Pole a solid two thumbs up.

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Blackbird  VHF/UHF J-Pole

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