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Mini Project
While you're waiting for your cable to arrive
for your BTech, Waccom or QYT mobile,
here's a quick and dirty temporary solution.

by: Randy Skrypek, K6YFE
July 2016

Use your Baofeng / Kenwood programming cable
with a UV-2501 or 5001
If you have a 3 pin 3.5mm stereo jack in your junk box and a set of alligator clips, you may want to try this as a temporary solution until your cable arrives.

Component List

1)   Baofeng / Kenwood programming cable
2)   Alligator clip jumper wires.
3)   3.5mm 3-pin stereo plug.

1)   Connect jumpers exactly as shown in the photos.
2)   Be sure radio is off. Carefully insert the stereo plug into the “DATA” port located on front of radio making sure the jumpers are properly attached.
3)   Turn on radio. Set to “VFO” mode.
4)   Program using your favorite programming software.

You may get a “Short Read” error message if connections are incorrect or shorting.





I have used this on my own BTech UV-2501+220 (Gen3) radio using CHIRP software. I have not tried this on any other radio. I do not even guarantee it will work even on other UV 2501+220 radios using CHIRP. Use at own risk. 73, K6YFE  

Miklor Note: If connected properly, this configuration will work on any of the BTech, Waccom, Juentai or QYT radios with a single 3 pin data jack. Be very careful not to short he clips together.

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