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Summary of Past Articles

Since the beginning of 2014, Miklor has been sending email Reviews, Introductions, Projects and Articles of Interest to its subscribers.
If you are a new to Miklor, this is a Summary of Articles sent in the past.  If you are a current subscriber, you may have already received some or all of these but this should keep everyone Up-to-Date.
I hope you find this summary helpful.

Miklor is not a dealer or manufacturer, but an information site only.
Product Review
40w FM and Digital Amps (incl Tier II DMR)

A cross between an amp and a mobile.

Link to Review 


Product Review
New 6 Bay Chargers
for H777 / BF888S

Link to Review 


Product Review
New 6 Bay Chargers

Link to Review 


Product Review Yanton DM980
Single Band DMR Handheld

Link to Review 


Product Review Ailunce HD1
Dual Band DMR Handheld

Link to Review 


Product Review
BTech   MURS-V1

License Free Handheld
FCC  Part 95J  Certified

Link to Review 


Product Review
TYT  MD-9600
Dual Band DMR Mobile


Link to Review

Product Review
Nagoya NMO-72
Dual Band Antenna

Link to Review 


Product Review
Nagoya GPK-01
Ground Plane


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Product Review
TYT  MD-2017
Dual Band  UHF/VHF
DMR Tier II Handheld


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Product Review
Connect Systems CS-800D
50W Dual Band DMR Mobile

Full Review

The Wrong Adapter could
Fry your Transmitter

Link to Article

Battery Charger Project
USB Charger for a 7.4v 3800mAh battery pack
$5  Li-Ion charger.

Link to Project

Product Review
Radtel RT-33
A new entry to the DMR
roster of handhelds.

Full Review
Product Review

Radtel T18
16 Channel 2W UHF

Full Review

Product Review

BTech Mobiles
25X2 Dual and 25X4 Tri-band Band
with the new OLED display

Full Review

Product Review
Dr. Ed Fong's Newest Antenna Creation
The Tri-Band TBJ-1 Base Station Antenna

Full Review

New Project

If you have a AA Battery Pack for your
handheld, you may want to view this
easy project to make your case safer
and more secure.

Link to AA Pack Project

Product Review

BTech 50X2
  50W Dual Band Mobile


Product Review

Product Review


Product Review


Product Review

TD-9800   DMR


New DMR Product Introduction
from Connect Systems


New Product Introduction
APRS cable K2 to TRRS Connector


New Product Introduction
BTech has introduced the  GMRS-V1
5W GMRS Handheld
Part 95A FCC certified




Review of the
BridgeCom BCH-220
1.25 cm Handheld




3 new products from Nagoya

Nagoya NA-320A
Tri-Band Handheld Antenna
144 / 220 / 440 MHz

Nagoya NA-701C
Dual Band Commercial and GMRS antenna

Nagoya RB-50
5" Mag Mount NMO Antenna Base

Information and Reviews


New Product
BTech UV-5X3
5W Tri-Band Handheld
VHF / 220 /UHF

BTech UV-5X3  Review


Leixen has added some new
functions to the VV-898S series.

Functions / Updates


Leixen just added a line of Accessories
and Color Combinations to compliment
their VHF / UHF Back Pack series.



New Product Introduction
UV-50X3 Tri-Band Mobile VHF UHF 220

BTech 50X3 Review


New Product Announcement
Nagoya NA-24J

Slim Line Dual Band VHF / UHF Antenna
Flexible gain antenna at 1/3 the weight
of the Nagoya NA-771

NA-24J Review


Two new projects have been added to the website.
One describes adding a cooling fan to a UV-5001 G1/G2
The other describes changing a radio's fan thermostat.

Adding a Cooling Fan

Changing the Thermostat


Next Generation
BTech UV2501 & UV5001
25W / 50W VHF UHF
Review - Generation 3
Several features and enhancements added

BTech Mobiles   Review
All   Reviews


New Product Intro and Review

Leixen "NOTE"    5 / 10 / 25W
16 channel UHF Porta-Mobile

No. That's not a typo.
25W capability in a handheld package

Leixen NOTE   Review
All   Reviews



Build your Own Programming Cable
Leixen Mobile Series

Here's the 3rd in a series of projects
Re: Building your own Programming cable.
This project is for building an RJ45 cable
for the Leixen series mobile transceivers.
This includes the VV-808 and VV-898 (E) (S)

Instructions and graphics can be found HERE.

Note: All of these build projects can be found
at the bottom of the Miklor home page.


Promo Code:   82HPF8HP
lowers price to $50

Good until March 31, 2016
Click on desired model below

Power Supplies 1.01

Linear or Switching

Not a review, but more a look at
the various designs and options.

Power Supplies 1.01

New Product Introduction

BTech UV2501+220 25W
Tri-Band Mobile

Includes the 220-225MHz US Ham Band

Review can be found HERE.

Product Introduction
BL-8L - Extended Battery
for the UV82 series

7.4V   3600mAh

Information can be found HERE.

Product Review

Leixen VV-898S
25W Dual Band Bag Pack Transceiver
Here's a look at a new option from Leixen.

A 25W transceiver portable with built in battery supply.
It might just be what you need for Go Box, camping, etc.
1.5 x 6 x 8"

Review can be found HERE

Product Review

BTech UV-2501 Compact 25W and UV-5001 50W
Dual Band Mobile
Review can be found HERE.

Product Review - Nagoya UT-72
Mag Mount Antenna VHF/UHF Ham/GMRS
New addition to the Nagoya Family
Terminates PL-259 with SMA-F Flex Jumper.
Review can be found HERE.

Build an RS232 Serial Programming Cable

Here's a project for those wanting to get away
from using the USB ports on their PC.
"Project 232" involves a few standard components
and etching a small PC board.

Instructions and graphics can be found HERE.

Repair or Build your Own
Programming Cable for about $2

Frustrated with that generic programming cable?
Here is a $2 solution might just be your ticket to sanity.

It's a simple project that utilizes a CP2102 board.
Say goodbye to the backdated driver issues.
Instructions and graphics can be found HERE.
CountyComm GP-5/SSB
1.7 - 30MHz AM, FM, SW, LSB/USB Handheld Receiver

SDR technology at its best.
Ideal for Campers, Preppers, SWLs and hams that can't
leave their radios at home when on vacation.
Note: I do not sell them. I just review them.
Click to enlarge

 The Review and Specifications can be found HERE
Anytone ANILE-8R
now available in a VHF only
Part 90 certified radio

The same 16 channel Anytone ANILE-8R available as a UHF radio
is now available as a VHF commercial FM transceiver.
A feature list can be found HERE
For FAQs, Software, and other information
can be found at Miklor.com

Baofeng / Pofung UV-82 HP
The UV82 HP combines the features of the
UV82, UV82C, and F8HP into one radio.

New / Combined features include:
High Power  7-8 Watts, Ability to disable VFO
Dual PTT w/Sync capability
1000, 1450, 1700, 2100Hz Tone Burst
CHIRP Compatible

Review of UV82 HP found HERE

Product Review
Nagoya UT-308 SMA
Magnetic Mount Mobile Antenna
Dual Band VHF/UHF

Nagoya has just added a Heavy Duty Dual Band Magnetic Mount antenna to their product line. The test results were very impressive. If you don't want to drill a hole, this may be your best option.
Click on image for details
Product Review
Leixen VV-808S
Single Band VHF/UHF Mobile
 Here's a look at an inexpensive single band mobile
that might just fit in your compact vehicle or Go Box.
When a single band radio is all you need..

4.7 x 3.5 x 1.6"

Click on image for details

Product Review
Leixen N8 Frequency Counter
 Looking to build workbench for your radio projects?
You may want to consider adding frequency counter.

Click on image for details
Compare 3 basic Counters

 CHIRP Support now available
for the new Anytone 8R series

Article can be found HERE

 Repeater Book - Did you know
"There's an App for That"

Whether you do a lot of traveling, or just want a list of the
repeaters nearby, you may want this app on your smart device.

RepeaterBook has an app for your smart phone or tablet
that determines your location and lists the local repeaters
by Band, Distance, and Mode, including FM, DMR, D-Star, etc.
A very handy tool.
Review and Walkthrough
Anytone TERMN-8R / OBLTR-8R

Brad Schumacher, KG7NXH, has put together an excellent
presentation of the new Anytone transceiver, comparing
it side-by-side to a Wouxun and Kenwood and
addressing many of the features.
Walkthrough Video
FAQs, Software, etc: Miklor / 8R

Anytone 8R Series

A new series of Four Anytone transceivers
has recently entered the market.
At the top of the series is the TERMN-8R
The first transceiver to be US FCC approved for
Part 90, 95a, 95j (Commercial, GMRS, MURS)

Bi-Directional Cross Band Repeater - Dual Receivers AM SW: 2-3 - 30MHz
Full Aviation band (108-136MHz RX) - Upgradable Firmware

A review of the TERMN-8R can be found HERE
Full list of features & series Comparison

For FAQs, Software, and other info: Miklor
Cure for the Baofeng Squelch Levels...
The Baofeng Squelch Level Range
can now be adjusted using CHIRP
 The long time issue with the UV5R / UV82 has
been the squelch 'Range' was either ON or OFF.
Using the new Service Settings tab in CHIRP's
Latest Daily Build, the range is now adjustable.
Information with graphics can be found at


Cure for the GT3 cable...

Having difficulty programming your GT3 style radio.
This may be the cause and easy cure.

GT-3 Cable Issue Resolution
New Product Review...

New Product Review...
Blackhawk VHF/UHF J-Pole


If you're in the market for a VHF/UHF J-Pole,
here's one you may want to consider..
The test results were excellent.

Blackhawk J-Pole - My Review
New Product Review...

Baofeng / Pofung UV82
AAA Battery Case


Here's an alternative battery case for the UV82 series,
including the UV82C, 82X, 82L and 89.

UV82 AAA Battery Case - My Review
New Product Review...

DBJ-1 Dual Band Base Station Antenna
DBJ-2 Dual Band Roll-Up J-Pole Antenna


If you are in the market for an excellent Dual Band
antenna on a limited budget, you may want to
consider one of these creations by Ed Fong WB6IQN.

My DBJ-1 Review on Miklor

My DBJ-2 Review on Miklor

New Product Review...

Leixen  VV-898
  VHF/UHF Compact Mobile


If you are cramped for space in a small vehicle, boat, etc.
you may want to take a look at the new Leixen VV-898.

Much smaller than a standard mobile,
but definitely not a repackaged handheld.

My VV-898 Review
VV898 on Miklor

Product Review...
Baofeng  BF-F8HP

Tri-Power 1, 4, 8 watt VHF/UHF Handheld


It appears Baofeng/Pofung is listening and moving in the proper direction.
Here are a few of the items addressed:

- Tri-Power (1, 4, and 8 watt) * *
- New 2nd Generation chipset
- DTMF keypad tone issue finally resolved
- Compatible with All UV5R accessories
(including AA and 3800mAh battery packs)
- 76 Page User Guide
- CHIRP software compatible

* * The review shows actual side-by-side power level tests between UV5R, UV82, BFF8+, and F8HP performed using a calibrated Telewave 44A.
BF-F8HP - My Review

Product Review...
Nagoya 702-220

220MHz Single Band Antenna


If you are the owner of a Baofeng UV5RAX, UV82X or any handheld that operates on the 220MHz Ham Band, you will probably want to take a look at this antenna review.  It's a single band, 11.5 inch antenna cut specifically for the 220MHz.
Nagoya 702-220 - Review

New Model Announcement
Baofeng  UV-82C  (Commercial)

Not just a cosmetic upgrade.
New Features include:

1. Field Programming Lockout     
2. Dual PTT synchronization         
3. Part 90 Certified (Commercial)

UV82C   Review
CHIRP software compatible

Note: In Dec 2013, the UV82 electronics met the RF standards for Part_90 approval, but still required firmware/software alterations to fully comply for US importation. These changes are now available in the UV82C for commercial use.

Review - Wouxun UV8D...

The new Wouxun UV8D has hit the US market.
  I recently had a chance to use the new Wouxun model UV8D first hand.
Quite an impressive radio which now includes Dual Band Repeat.

UV8D Transceiver
Product Review...

Have you ever heard of a Baofeng BF-888S ?

If you have a ham license and want a radio for the beach, this might be one to consider.
If you get sand in it, oh well...
16 channel, UHF, 3W
BF-888S Review
New Product Announcement...

Dual Push-to-Talk Microphone
for the Baofeng UV-82 series handheld
It is also compatible with Kenwood, Wouxun and Baofeng
handhelds using a single PTT button.
Dual PTT Microphone
Simple Project...

Cross Band Ham Repeater / Fox Hunt Remote


Here's a simple project that has many potential uses.
It requires 2  UV5R, UV82, BFF8 or UVB5/6 series rad
No internal connections required.
Note: Proper licensing is required for using and testing this project.
Cross Band Repeater Project 
Product Review...

Heavy Duty Battery Eliminator for the UV82 series

In the world of rebranding and clones, my goal is to identify, bench test and qualify new products as they become available. This Battery Eliminator is neither a clone or rebrand. 
UV82 Battery Eliminator
What is the Newest and Best Model UV5R to purchase?

How many times has that question been asked?
A short summary of differences, models, and compatibility can be found at
Newest Model
SMA Connectors
Graphics added to the Miklor site for reference.

There have been many discussions regarding the SMA antenna and radio connector types found on various handhelds. To assist in making the proper antenna selection, Miklor has added a graphic display of the various connector types.
Miklor SMA Graphics

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