Dual Band Base Station Antenna
 Ed Fong WB6IQN


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Why buy from imitators? Buy it from the original inventor (Dr. Ed Fong WB6IQN) with 100% lifetime warranty and help out his graduate students at the same time. If anything ever goes wrong, just return it and it will be either repaired, a new one sent to you or a full refund (buyer's choice).

Dual Band Base Station VHF/UHF J-Pole - Available in HAM (144-148 MHz and 440-450 MHz) or Commercial (152-157 MHz and 460-470 MHz). Maximum power input 75 watts. 250 watt version is $10 extra (please email me for details). Please indicate which antenna you wish either by eBay email or in the notes section.

This antenna was featured in the Feb. 2003 QST and designed by Dr. Ed Fong WB6IQN (formerly of UC Berkeley and now at UC Santa Cruz-Silicon Valley). It is the same antenna that appears on the front cover of the ARRL VHF/UHF Antenna Classics Handbook. It also won the best paper of the month award. It offers true ½ wavelength performance at both VHF and UHF with no ground radials. There are others on eBay that virtually make the same claims (and even exaggerate) and their antennas even look like ours and require you to purchase the PVC pipe. That antenna is not the same. Most are standard VHF j-pole that resonates at UHF (all antennas do that). All our materials (such as the twin lead are custom manufactured for us by JSC wiring to assure velocity factor consistency).It offers true ½ wavelength performance at both VHF and UHF with no ground radials.

SWR is less than 1.3 to 1 on both bands. I have my students build these (and often myself) as an exercise. The proceeds are shared among my students. The antenna has been so successful that it has been adopted by the Red Cross, ARES and numerous municipalities for emergency deployment. Copies of these agencies evaluation reports are available by emailing me. A copy of the original paper on how this novel antenna works is available if you call me at 408-245-8210. Every antenna is hand tuned (by me or my graduate students) to meet specifications. The proceeds of this antenna go to my graduate students.

This antenna is complete with exception of the 5 feet of ¾ inch Class 200 PVC pipe needed for the antenna. Individual shipping of the 5 ft antenna is $14 so we rather you go to Lowe’s (stock # 23990) or Orchard Supply (stock # 648-5908) or Menard (SKU #6899684) and buy the PVC pipe for about $1. If you cannot find the PVC pipe, I can send it, but you will need to pay the postage. Please email me if you need me to send the PVC pipe.

The antenna is pre tuned for 144-148 MHz and 440-450 MHz for ham bands or 152-157 MHz and 460-470 MHz commercial band/MURS/GMRS. When deployed, it will give about +6dB of gain over a rubber duck antenna. It comes complete fully assembled with end caps and an SO-239 connector. Just insert it into the PVC pipe and you are ready to go. Please email me if you wish an N connector and/or a 250 watt version. There is no charge for an N-connector. The 250 watt version is $10 extra.

We also have a limited supply of 50 ft of RG8x cable with molded PL259 connectors on both ends. Cost is $25 plus $2 postage. Email me for payment details or call me by phone.

Any questions call me at 408-245-8210 (Pacific Standard Time) or leave your phone number and I will call you back.

I can also be contacted at - edsantennas  "at"  "golf mike alpha india lima"

73’s Ed Fong WB6IQN  

Featured in:   QST Feb 2003
Reprinted with Permission of both
Edison Fong and the ARRL