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UV-82 vs. UV-5R
This is a comparison between the UV-82 and UV-5R.

Larger Case
 Better Feel. I have large hands.
Larger Keypad Buttons
    More positive Keypad
    Better feel, meant for bigger fingers
Standard Keypad
     Zero at the bottom where it belongs
Higher Output (Bench Tested with Telewave 44A)
VHF  Low: 2.5 Watts High: 5.3 Watts
     UHF  Low: 1.4 Watts High: 3.9 Watts

     CHIRP programming compatible
     OEM converts to English with toolbar dropdown
Better RX audio quality
     Mellower sound
     Larger speaker in larger case
Better TX audio quality

     Better mid-level audio frequencies (punchier sound)
     Probably also be due to larger case
Dual PTT
     Top of PTT selects TX (A). Bottom of PTT selects (B).
     You can still change from RX (A) to (B) using the EXIT/AB key.
Battery - 1800 mAH
     Note: Since day one, UV-82 batteries have been labeled 2800 mAH.
     This was a confirmed mislabeling from Baofeng factory.
     Most accessories are interchangeable with UV-5R.
         i.e. antenna, speaker/microphone, programming cables
     Battery and Charger are not.
New Function, Menu (40)  A/B-BP
     Display A/B BEEP tone. 
     A tone can be added to the end of Received signal.
     Settings are  A / B / OFF
     This is a nice feature visually impaired
     A bit more readable than the UV-5R's
Antenna is SMA-Female
     Compatible / interchangeable with UV-5R
Power (Hi-Power)
     Both are now also available in HP versions.
     UV82 = 4-5W     UV82HP = 7-8W
     UV5R = 4-5W      F8HP  =  7-8W

Case and Keypad
UV-82 / 82HP
John  K3NXU

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