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BF-F8+ vs. UV-5R
This is a comparison between the BF-F8+ and UV-5R.
Black and White Display

Side by Side
     The radio is cosmetically the same as the UV-5R.
     The unique feature of the BF-F8+ is the Black and White display. The LCD on my test unit is Black and White. I find the contrast between B/W much easier to read than the traditional tri-color display.
Changing LCD color options remains as part of the menu selection (29, 30, 31), but is not functional. The B/W display is B/W only. On the traditional tri-color display, the LCD dims at idle, where the B/W display goes dark.
Note:  I have seen the  BF-F8+  advertised with a tri-color LCD and top operating frequency of 480MHz. These may be rebranded radios.
Keypad Layout
     The layout is the same as the UV-5R.
     Front panel does not include the Band Button.
     This was eliminated in the later firmware version.
Frequency Range
     136-174 / 400-520 MHz is Standard.
     Software is not required to reach this range.
      Both the Factory software and CHIRP are compatible.

     Interchangeable with UV-5R.
     The 3800mAH High Capacity Battery (BL-5L) requires no modification.
     Accessories are interchangeable with UV-5R.
         i.e. antenna, speaker/microphone, programming cables
     Same manual as the UV-5R.
John  K3NXU