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UV-82 vs. UV-82C
This is a comparison between the UV-82 and UV-82C

There are a few very distinct differences between the two models.
Keypad Lockout via Software

The UV-82C can now be locked in the MR/Channel mode via software. This prevents unauthorized users from tampering or accidentally changing frequencies or options. It does not lockout the Keypad, only the Menu, Reset, and Programming options. Channel Selection, Scan, etc. still function as before.

Note: Acquiring a quality programming cable is highly recommended. You will spend more time using the radio and less time trying to load special backdated drivers to your PC. This is especially true in a commercial application. The generic cables are less expensive, but a cable with an FTDI chip is Plug 'n Play.
Dual PTT can now be Synchronized

The UV82C has added a new option that allows locking the PTT Button to simulate a Single PTT and override the Dual PTT feature. Pressing the EXIT/AB button still switches the selected upper/lower display.
Part 90 Commercial Certified

The UV-82C is fully compliant with U.S. FCC Commercial specifications for both hardware and software (ZP5BF-82), as it requires a programming cable and software to unlock and program the radio.

Advantages of one over the other
From the operations point of view, the UV82C is recommended for use in a critical "Must Function Right" the first time environment.

The radio can then be locked in the MR/Channel and cannot be field programmed. This prevents unauthorized users from tampering or accidentally changing frequencies or options. The Dual PTT can now be locked as a standard Single PTT switch.
Emergency Responder
In a critical situation, during an emergency response, there is no time to be asking which button do I push, or what mode am I in, etc.
When you key the transmitter, it needs to work right the first time.

Case and Keypad

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