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BTech UV2501  vs 
QYT KT8900
aka JT6188

by: John 'Miklor'
November 2015
Updated May 2016  (Gen 3)
Review: UV2501 (25W)  /  UV5001 (50W)

Note: Although similar in appearance,
the UV2501 and KT8900 are Not the same radios.

The differences are listed below.
New Features Added to the BTech UV2501 (UV5001)

(Gen3)  Adjustable Microphone Gain
- You can now adjust the sensitivity to suit your taste. If there is noise in the background, the sensitivity can be lowered.  If you talk away from the microphone, you can advance the audio gain.

(Gen3)  Adjustable DTMF Tone Level Gain

- DTMF Audio level is now adjustable

(Gen3)  Selectable Power Level
- Can now be changed using the microphone keypad  

(Gen3)  Cooling Fans
- Included with both models.  The 2501 has an external fan, while the 5001 has an internal fan.

(Gen3)  Additional Receive Filtering
- Added for improved selectivity.  

(Gen2)  Display SYNC
-  An option has been added to allow the Upper and Lower displays be synced.  This option allows the upper and lower display to track together.  The upper channel can display the channel Name while the lower displays the Frequency. 

The Dual channel display (TDR) option is still available, but sometimes you just want to display the channel you're using. Now you have a choice.
(Gen2)  Auto Power Off

-  This allows the radio to shut off if the receiver is inactive for a preset amount of time.

(Gen2)  Dual Watch Delay

-  When in the Dual Watch mode, this allows the receiver to stay on a channel for a preset amount of time before returning to the primary channel after the secondary channel is clear.  You can now select the delay time (up to 50 seconds) before the radio returns to the Dual Watch mode.

(Gen2)  Squelch Tail Elimination

-  Eliminates the signal's squelch tail if the station being received has their STE function active.
(Gen2)  Repeater Squelch Tail Elimination

-  Eliminates the squelch tail of a repeater being received if the repeater also has this function active..
(Gen2)  Audio Scrambler
-  The Audio Scrambler utilizes the voice inversion process. This feature must be activated on both radios (Tx and Rx) to be effective. Although the function works properly, check with your countries regulations regarding its use.  
(Gen2)  Memory Mode Lock

- The radio can be Locked into the channel mode (MR).
(Gen2)  Frequency Steps

- The 2.5 kHz step has been added.  (2.5,  5,  6.25,  10,  12.5,  25)
(Gen2)  Menu Lock

- While in the channel mode, the Menu option can be locked out to prevent accidental field programming.
(Gen2)  Reset Lockout

- The Reset option can be locked out to prevent accidental reset. Another nice safety precaution.
(Gen2)  Frequency Range
- The frequency range has been extended from 400-480MHz to 400-520MHz. 
Frequency Steps
- The frequency steps ran
ge from 2.5 to 25 kHz. 
Bug Resolution
The UV2501 (UV5001) does not have these
known issues found in other similar transceivers.

Issue #1 Resolved  (Audio)

-  When changing or returning to an Active Channel, there was no audio present until the PTT or EXIT button was pressed.
Issue #2 Resolved  (Loud Tone)

-  During a channel scan, a loud tone was heard when stopping on an active channel, requiring a PTT reset. (or turning off the beep tone).
Issue #3 Resolved  (Power Level)
-  The low power position was only approximately a few watts less than high power. (25/17) These radios show low power to be significantly less than high. (25/6)
Issue #4 Resolved  (Receive Pulsing)
-  Some early radios had a pulsing on receive if CTCSS was set and car was in motion.
Some other nice stuff
The Manual
-  A full size manual 30 page English manual with step by step programming examples is included.
Larger Microphone
-  The UV2501 / UV5001 elected to continue using the larger microphone. The keys are larger and have a much more positive feel.
Monitor Button
-  The Monitor button now says MONI, rather than MOM.
UV2501 (25W)                         UV5001 (50W)


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