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Manual Programming Examples

Tri-Band Mobile Transceiver
w/Cross Band Repeat
136-174MHz / 210-230MHz / 400-520MHz
by: John  'Miklor'
June 2016



 A Programming Video is available HERE


Getting Started

- Press the Dial Knob to select either the left or right receiver display.
- Press [F] until the [F-1] display appears.
- Press [V/M] until the channel number in the upper left disappears.
- - This is the VFO mode used for programming.
- Press the [B] key to select the desired Band.
- Enter the desired receive frequency.

If the frequency does not display as entered, you may need to change the STEP for that band. If the frequency entered okay, go to CTCSS Encode Tone
Setting the correct STEP

- Press [SET] to enter the SET MODE.
- Turn knob to select SYSTEM.
- Press knob and rotate to select F03 – AUTO STEP.
- Select desired STEP and press knob to save.
- Press [ESC] [ESC]
CTCSS Encode Tone

- Press and Hold the [F] key for 2 seconds.
- Press [TYPE] until TONE ENC appears.
- - After 2 seconds, the selection will automatically save and return.
- Press [T.FRQ] and select desired CTCSS tone frequency.
- Press [BCK] to save.
Repeater Shift & Offset

- Press [F] to return to Function Mode.
- Press [SET] to enter the SET MODE.
- Rotate knob to select [TX/RX]. Press knob to select.
- Select [B03 - RPT SHIFT DIREC] to select + / - / OFF, then press Knob.
- Select [B04 - RPT SHIFT FREQ] and dial in desired offset amount.

Pressing [MHz] button will change steps to 1 MHz.
Pressing [MHz] again will return to 5 kHz steps.

- Press Knob to select, and [ESC] to return.
Saving to Memory

- Press [F] to return to [F-1] display.
- Press and Hold [V/M] key for 2 Seconds.
- Dial in the desired channel number (note the step by 50 option on the right).
- Press and Hold [V/M] key for 2 Seconds.

The cursor will now move to the right side of the display.
By dialing selecting the desired [FONT], and rotating the Knob, a 6 character label can be attached to that frequency.
Pressing the [V/M] button saves the name.
Deleting a Channel

- Press [V/M] for 2 seconds.
- Dial in the channel to delete.
- Press [SEL]
- Press [DEL]
- Press [V/M] for 2 seconds.
The TONE Type, CTCSS Tone, STEP, Shift Direction, and Offset Type will be saved for That Band. If you return to save another frequency combination in the Same Band, these settings will remain unchanged.
If you are setting repeaters with similar Offset Types and Direction, this will save you a few steps.
Setting up Cross Band Repeat Mode
- In the  Left  display, enter the Receive frequency and CTCSS/DCS.
- In the Right display, enter the Transmit frequency and CTCSS/DCS.
- - One must be UHF, the other VHF

- Power OFF the Radio
- Press and Hold [SET] while powering radio back on.
- - This will set radio to the "Special Function" mode.
- Press knob to select
- Press knob again to select  "OK?"
- - The radio will now enter the XBand Repeat mode.

To return to normal operation, repeat the above steps, starting with Power OFF. The radio will now exit the XBand mode.



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