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Dedicated to the programming and operation of the

UV- 25X2  25X4

25W Mobiles
25X2   VHF / UHF
25X4   VHF / 220 / UHF

March 2017


UV-25X4  Tri-Band
UV-25X2  Dual Band Review

Miklor Mailing List  


UV- 25X2  25X4
     User Manual

Manual Programming
     Programming Examples 
     Manual Programming Video
     Menu Definitions - Quick Reference 
     CHIRP Software

Technical Section
    Hardware, Cables, Antennas, Pin Outs

    Cable Loss / Attenuation Chart 

    What is CTCSS/DCS 

General Information
    Frequency Lists and Repeater Guides 
    How a Repeater Works     video