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Adjustment of Internal Squelch Values

BTech UV2501  UV5001 

The Squelch

The Squelch Levels of the BTech UV2501 and UV5001 mobiles can be loosened or tightened by using the Squelch Engineering (SE) found HERE.

The radio has 10 squelch Levels labeled 0 through 9. Zero is always Open squelch.  Each of the levels (1-9) has a value assigned to determine how tight each level is.

This software allows you to re-adjust the amount of squelch for each level. For normal operation, I found a comfortable range of 10 to 60. Much over 60 requires a monster signal to open the squelch.

Below is an image of the range that I assigned to my radio. It allows me to have a comfortable mid-range squelch at Level of 5.


The main difference between this software and the normal software is the function of the OTHER tab. While the standard software uses the tab for selecting the frequency range, the advanced software uses this tab for adjusting the squelch values.

Important Note

Although both programs appear similar, they do Not function the same. When reading the radio with the SE software, all squelch settings are shown as the factory default.  An immediate Write to Radio will restore those parameters to the default.

-  Do Not use the SE software as your main software. It has only one main function and that is adjusting the squelch level settings.

The following procedure is necessary:

-  Open the SE software and Download from Radio.
-  Make the desired squelch level adjustments.
-  Write the new data to Radio.

-  Now return to the Standard software.
-  Download from Radio and save this file as your new master.

Sample values
These are the values that work for me. Your mileage may vary.  

click to enlarge

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