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2TONE Alert - Quik Call 1
This example shows the setup of the 2TONE audible Paging system referred to as Quik Call 1, also known as Two-Tone Paging or Two-Tone Sequential, commonly used by Public Safety pagers.  Anyone familiar with the TV show 'Emergency' from the 70s will recognize the tone system I'm referring to.
The tones used for this test will be: 378.6 / 422.1 Hz with a 1 second / 3 second timing, which can be heard HERE.

To test using the tones above requires 2 handhelds, both on a simplex channel. Hold the microphone of one up to your PC speaker and transmit the tone to the test radio.
The first tone (378.6 Hz) will sound for 1 second.
The second tone (422.1) will sound for 3 seconds.
There will be no space between tones.
Here's how they would be setup with the Anytone software.
- - - - - - - - - -

- Select 2TONE on the left side of main page.
- Select the Encode

- Enter the duration of the 1st and 2nd tones.

- Enter the spacing between the tones, referred to as the gap.
The two frequencies shown in the example are used only if you want the ability to send tones as well.

- Auto Reset Time is the time allowed after the last received transmission before the Pager is automatically reset. In the example below, 12 seconds of quiet was selected as the reset time.

Encode Tab

- Select the Decode tab
- Select a tab where the tones are to be stored. In the example below, 2TONE5 was selected.
- Check the Valid block to activate the data.
- Enter the 1st tone to be received, then the second in the proper order. This is critical as the receiver will not look for the 2nd tone until the 1st tone is verified.
- Select Beep Tone. When a page is received, the receiver will generate a series of tones to alert you that the pager has been activated.

Decode Tab

- On the left side of the main page, select  CH  Normal
- Enter the Frequency Data for the desired channel
- Under the "More" column, select   ">>" to enter "Channel Edit"
- Your channel TX and RX frequency will appear in the upper left
- Set Optional Signaling to 2TONE and  5 (tab selected above)
- Set Squelch Mode to Optional Signaling
- If this is for monitoring only, and a return transmission will not be part of the process, check the TX Off  box

Channel Edit

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